12 July 2016

The Path of Light Shall Be Revealed! ~ Meg Benedict ~ 11 July 2016

Meg Benedicte mentions something here that I feel most of us keep forgetting....we all have different Soul purposes and/or missions. We can't all be doing the same "job" ~ so this in many ways also affect what we naturally gravitate towards. Our paths, beliefs, motivation, perception etc can all vary according to Soul purpose/mission as well as origins.

Source: Meg Benedicte

We are still integrating deeply the recent Solar upgrades from the Solstice Gateway. Remember to call them in during your daily grounding steps. For the past week my body has felt on fire, waves of heat burning out-dated energies from my body and field. It may seem like you are dropping lifetimes of old, toxic energy as you continue to spiral higher.

July and August are months of preparation for 3 life-changing eclipses. Mars recently turned direct in Scorpio – igniting more inner drive and motivation. When out-of-balance, the Mars surge may intensify aggression and violence. It is revealing the dark side of human nature and the desperate clinging to a corrupted regime. With the onset of social media, more and more are protesting in the streets. A ground swell is growing of zero tolerance for continued violence, war and brutal acts against nature.

Those souls with Starseed missions of mercy for the fallen ones can now feel complete. It is a time for caution against any backlash. I’m getting guidance to stay close to home and hold inner focus. The fallen souls are still trying to maintain control of the 3D Matrix – unaware that it is dying. If this does not resonate, then it must not be part of your mission. So be it!

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