17 July 2016

Interview with EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Solara ~ 16 July 2016

** Text: ALL ONE....The ONE sees us as one....
we all seek for the union with the ONE ~ EM 13 **

This is a most-welcomed and much-awaited update from Blue Solara and EM! It gives such an appreciated expanded outlook on the events unfolding behind the scenes. I've always believed that awareness of these unseen developments are vital if we are to comprehend the bigger picture, because if our focus remains only on the physical, we would get mired in the density and morass of the very situation we are trying to heal.

For more details, please listen to their past webinars.

Source: The World Of Truth

The major points that we will focus on through this interview are as follows:
[The collective consciousness / The plasma plane /
The blue pulse & the galactic super wave / The event ]

B. Solara: We’ve been away from the internet for the last few months; could you please explain to our brothers and sisters what we have been working on the ground until now?

EM. Ibrahim : we are living now in a critical period and things are accelerating , because of that.. we increased our actions to be align with that accelerating, so we focused our activities to be more on the ground, and this is why people think as if we are a way from the situation in general, and not following up with the current situation, while the real truth is that in the last few months, we worked more depth on the current situation, but we focused more on the ground away from the internet, and because of our preoccupation on the ground; we did not have enough time to post reports on the Internet… and we needed to focus on one side…

Why on the ground? What are we doing on the ground?

  • To strengthen the unity among people on the physical level.
  • To interact with people face to face, in order to support them in many levels mentally , psychological and emotional …
  • To support them to change their believe system on a daily basis, through interacting with them stage by stage...
  • To cleanse them at many energetic levels and strengthen their energetic system to enjoy their healthy auras..
  • Help them to interact with each other..
  • On the other hand, it is for us to work on many levels from the ground like:
  • Ley-Line Network , collective consciousness , open portals .. etc
  • and here the most important point for us was to build light pillars in different places , in order to be a strengthen point for people to gather themselves, and for them to become a healthy society;; this is from one side, and from the other side : for those light pillars to be the connecting points between the galactic community and this healthy society..
  • And finally, to prepare and align people with the One “ the source” through oneness teachings, for the people to be ready at the time of the event ..

The Collective Consciousness

B. Solara : We will start with the [collective consciousness].. what is the situation of the collective consciousness at this time? What is the percentage of the collective consciousness now?

EM. Ibrahim : the percentage of the collective consciousness for the human being on planet earth now is 44.3%

Few months ago, we mentioned that this percentage was 24%...

B. Solara: the question here is: what is the reason behind the increasing of this percentage in the last few months, while in the past it has been rising slowly?

EM. Ibrahim: in 2013, we’ve worked hard spiritually to merge the most powerful collective conscious beings on planet earth as one group, whom we called the Natural Ascension Group, and this group had completed in August 2013 … and one of the important reason to build this group is to use it to increase the percentage of the collective consciousness when it needed…

In the last few months , and after we’ve seen the slaw rising of the collective consciousness, and in order to keep the liberation process in the exit door ( between 2012-2017 ) ,, here the supreme conscious being who called the Avatara “ the embodiment of the ultimate free will of the One “ with his group decided to use their collective consciousness to support the collective consciousness of people of earth ,,, such as { inventories reserve } … of course this happened under the law of universe….

The cosmic law states that it is not allowed for any supreme being to support the collective consciousness in any planet more than 20% ,, regardless of the powerful of his consciousness , and he should live within layers of the mental , astral , ethereal of that planet, like any being related to the consciousness in that planet… and this means that this being should be a citizen and part of this collective consciousness in order to support them… This is how the collective consciousness has reached this percentage!!!

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