10 July 2016

Weekly Meditation Reminder

Juli Cady Ryan
A few days ago, I had an epiphany of sorts. Well, actually it's more of a nudge in the ribs to get myself on track after being almost derailed for a good many minutes.

While I won't go into details because it involves others, I will briefly say that I went through an experience that, if I had stayed in its less-than-positive energies, depression of some degree would be imminent. I emotionally and mentally yanked myself out of my own mental turmoil and focussed on an outcome I would prefer, rather than to be pulled into someone else's potential (and unhappy) manifestation of the future.

So why am I writing about this? After I felt so much better envisioning my preferred future, I realised that this is what we should be doing, as often as possible, and not just during the meditation. We can all accelerate the manifestation of the Golden Age, which is only just ever-so-slightly out of reach of our current reality. We can pull this new world into existence with our creator abilities, and I'm sure many have noticed that manifestation done properly is much faster now than ever before. We just need to "feed" this new reality with adequate creator energies to expedite its manifestation.

We can do this. As often as we can, let's visualise our new reality as many times as possible throughout the day, every day. Today, tomorrow, day after.....every day, from now on, let's strengthen and further solidify this new world. Let's start now!

Details of upcoming meditation at Prepare For Change.

Thank you and Namaste!

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