06 August 2016

8-8 Lions Gate Activations - Monday, August 8th - Meg Benedicte - 5 August 2016

Source: Meg Benedicte

Since the June Solstice Activations, there has been some intense shadow clearing as the world releases from the grip of dark fallen forces. We are in the process of unwinding from oppressive polarity running in all areas of our lives. This may feel like an emotional roller coaster – ranging from moments of extreme highs, only to drop into depression, fear or paranoia. This push-pull effect is the result of opposing forces unlocking and opening into more unity consciousness.

As the outdated system of Duality continues to dissolve and evolve, you may experience a manic tidal wave of emotional release. Many LIghtworkers have been involved in a ‘Mission of Mercy’, holding divine Light with fallen souls. I’ve been aware of this mission myself for at least 15 years. This particular mission has reached a successful completion this year, as the crystalline Light quotient reached critical mass on planet earth. Now many are in the process of disentangling from the fallen forces and establishing self-sovereignty in their lives.

This week the solar infusion streaming thru the 8-8 Lions Gate portal is blessing humanity with a powerful Ascension upgrade. The galactic solar light codes are blowing open stagnant, dormant bio-circuitry to pulse alive with deeper Soul embodiment. As the polarized forces dissolve within, the Soul Presence increases in greater magnitude.
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