02 August 2016

8-8 Lions Gate: Sirian Ascension Activations! ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 1 August 2016

Ellen McDonough  www.PlacesofLight.com
Source: Meg Benedicte

Since my Awakening in 1994, I’ve been following the spiritual path towards deeper Soul connection and greater understanding of the mysteries of universe. Along the way I’ve encountered some profound moments of awe-inspiring awareness and heart-felt loving kindness streaming into my being from angelic presence and ascended souls. We are truly not alone!

Over the years as my mind opened to higher realms of consciousness, I realized my Soul was communicating with the Sirian High Council for Ascension tips and guidance. My twin flame was embodied as an elder on the Council and provided a ‘lifeline’ to my incarnated human currently on earth. These ‘sessions’ appeared in mind with a large conference room, as I joined the round table for discussion.

The Sirians were intimately involved in populating the original Zep Tepi civilization in ancient Egypt, prior to the dynasties. After the destruction of Atlantis, they developed two spiritual havens for ascended souls to populate a divine human race in Egypt and in Avalon. They created sacred Mystery Schools to reveal the true Law of One to the initiates. They taught how the multi-dimensional mind is what interconnects the physical world with the metaphysical world of spirit. They created stair-step Initiations so humanity could attain higher knowledge through intellectual discipline, focus and concentration. The Zep Tepi culture cracked the genetic code and possessed the keys to the physical spectrum, the "Higher Light Physics" of the ancients.

Some of the Sirian Masters embodied human form to assist with the development of a divine race on Earth. Known in the Bible as Enoch, to the Egyptians as THOTH and to the Greeks as HERMES, the Atlantean Priest-King helped develop the Zep Tepi Mystery Schools and build the Giza Great Pyramid on the site of the Great Halls of Amenti. Thoth preserved in the Halls of Amenti the Emerald Tablets of ancient knowledge for those Initiates ascending into Christ Consciousness. The Sirian Avatars bringing the Gold Frequency to Gaia were Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who embodied the Divine Masculine and Feminine frequencies of Unity Consciousness.

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