23 August 2016

A Small Fragment of Solara's August 2016 Surf Report

This was just released recently to the public.

Source: The NVisible


We are in the midst of a massive Paradigm Shift, moving from the old Template of Duality to the Template of Oneness. And like any birth, it is extremely messy and occasionally bloody and painful. But just as when we are giving birth to a human baby, we don't have the option to pretend it's not happening or to walk away and do something else. We have to see it through and get this baby (the New Reality) born.

A massive worldwide awakening is taking place. Our perception of reality is being challenged as never before. This will continue to escalate until one way or another, we shift Paradigms. The Great Awakening is giving us the golden opportunity to see that nothing is as it appears. And in the midst of this all, there are noticeable breakthroughs. Many people feel that they are suddenly waking up into a new world. When this happens, then we need to reset and recalibrate everything around us to align with the fresh, new energy.

At the same time, the forces of polarization are becoming ever stronger, trying to separate us from our knowingness that we are all One Being. We are hurt by friends and family who support the "wrong" political candidate. We are divided as to whether we treat refugees with love and compassion or shut the door and let them drown in the sea. The energies of "Us" versus "Them" are growing daily. Yet, this is all an insidious trap of duality to bring us back into an illusory sense of separation. It's all a massive distraction. And it's essential that we don't go there.

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