13 August 2016

Ansty Crop Circle, Near Salisbury, UK ~ 12 August 2016

A couple of close friends have alerted me to this astounding formation which appeared yesterday ~ I was only able to look into it just now. From what I understand through my initial research, Earth Files reports this Crop Circle to span about 350-ft across! When I first saw the photo, I was rather surprised to see the symbols around the perimeter ~ I could be mistaken, but such symbols aren't very common in Crop Circles. I'm thinking "Light Language" but I feel that they may be more than that.

There are 20 of these symbols, with one of them (see right) repeated 4 times, separated by 3 other symbols, then 5 other symbols, then 3 more symbols, then 5 ~ making a total of 20. What does this mean? I have no idea, I'm merely reporting what I noticed.

"Three" seems to be a significant theme in this formation ~ three main big "leaves" with three little ones in the  middle, and another triple formation underneath them.

** I forgot to add ~ there are 33 outer perimeter "segments" **

Red Collie describes this as "....a triquetra superimposed on a Flower of Life.'

Marco Kirchner links it to the Merkaba:

Please visit Crop Circle Connector for more stunning photos and the aerial videos.


  1. Have you studied the symbols any more ?
    Thank you for what you have written

    One symbol literally speaks to me saying: " at the time of the Solar Eclipse 4 stars will be in vertical alignment beside The Sun and Moon"

    1. No, I haven't. I feel that they are much more than symbols or a message. What you received is most interesting! Please let me know if more messages come to you :) Blessings

  2. I've been watching Kill Bill and couldn't help but notice that the sycamore emblem on the Hattori Hanzo sword scabbards is very similar to the center design. In biblical terms etc the sycmore has represented seeing Jesus and even representing Isis herself. Also the background design matches my wedding ring which is a wrap of 17th century French Chantilly lace pattern. Very intriguing!

    1. Chantilly Lace! That's certainly something interesting :) Blessings

    ABRAÇO !