30 August 2016

Ascension Accelerations: Radiate Crystal Light! ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 29 August 2016

Source: Meg Benedicte

This Thursday’s New Moon Solar Eclipse is predicted to be a ‘game-changer’ astrological event. It’s already stirring up challenging energies. We have the Sun, Moon, Solar Eclipse, and North Node all in Virgo, while Mercury is turning Retrograde and joining Jupiter in Virgo. Think of it like a super-powered amplifier blast!

This morning I woke up with a fuzzy brain and feeling like I’m walking through jello. This is usually a sign of shifts in the electro-magnetic field, as the physical and the spiritual bodies adjust to the increasing photon light. Since the June Solstice and 8-8 Lions Gate upgrades, there has been increasing acceleration of the planetary Ascension. It may feel like you went from zero to sixty in a matter of minutes. Make sure to do your daily grounding so you can integrate the Ascension upgrades this September.

With so much occurring in a tight angle in Virgo this week, the cosmos have opened a ‘pass/no pass portal’ to the higher realms. The two worlds continue to pull apart. I’ve been experiencing intense energy clearing, with ongoing hot flashes and sweats as my body decomposes old code, patterns and past consciousness. Use this time to spiral up higher into the next level of your Ascension.

Virgo represents the creative force of the goddess and the Magician in tarot. New Moons create NEW Beginnings! The Solar Eclipse joins a mutable T-square involving the Saturn-Neptune square, enhancing the deconstruction of structure and the inner transformation of Alchemy. As we anchor within our Crystal Pillar global gridwork, we unite to lift Gaia higher and higher. The momentum will continue to pick up speed!

Lovingly, Meg

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