07 August 2016

Ascension Mysteries: New 2-Hr Video ~ David Wilcock ~ 5 August 2016

I haven't yet seen the video and am not sure if I'll get to it, but here it is for those interested. Please remember that different sources will report from different perspectives.

This video is David Wilcock's full presentation from Conscious Life Expo on 7 February 2015. Material from this talk formed much of the basis for his new book The Ascension Mysteries.

Source: Divine Cosmos

AT LAST! Enjoy our epic new two-hour YouTube video investigation into The Ascension Mysteries -- Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil!

The so-called New World Order consider themselves to be the descendants of extraterrestrial humans who crash-landed to Earth some 55,000 years ago.

They were giants with elongated skulls who set up control systems and "royal bloodlines" all over the earth. They are the "Fallen Angels" from ancient texts.

Even after multiple events wiped them out, they are still here. This information is some of the most jealously guarded data in the classified world.

Watch David combine never-before-seen insider testimony with surprising scientific evidence of giants and giant skeletons that were once widely seen on Earth.

If all of this story is true -- and it does appear to be thanks to multiple insiders' testimonies -- it is perhaps the single greatest cover-up in Earth's history.

Don't miss this epic investigation -- and be sure to spread the word to people you know!

Even those who are heavily entrained by the mainstream view are finding the final 45 minutes of the video undeniably compelling due to the proof David offers.

Please read on....

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