17 August 2016

Atlantis: A Conversation with Archangel Metatron (Excerpt) ~ Jim Self


Continuing with the theme of healing Atlantean energies.....synchronicity :)

Source: Mastering Alchemy

Metatron: The eighth, ninth and tenth Rays of Creation were very much used in the creation process and the advanced states that Atlanteans took for granted in their day-to-day life. They were neglectful in utilizing these Ray energetics. They didn’t remember to keep in their conscious awareness the first six Rays. And because of that lapse in their conscious awareness, many things were mis-created and there was a set of energetics that was interjected that began to multiply and create abnormalities. Consciousness began to Fall. Forgetfulness of Source and the first six Rays occurred. Eventually Atlantis not only fell but was totally destroyed by the energetics the Atlanteans used in the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays. These are three very powerful frequency patterns. Once their applications were learned, they were used quite readily and there was a lack of integrity. The ego took precedence and humanity lapsed into a state of forgetfulness in regards to unity, in regards to oneness with Source. They really began to install separation and the ego became very dominant in their creative process. So it is desired at this time that there be a balance present. And you are seeing some of that now.

Jim: In numbers of the Mastering Alchemy students there is a level of guilt that seems to go along with what you just described. Many of them contributed to the Fall and they are having a hard time overcoming a very deep sadness.

Metatron: Yes there is that part of their Soul remembrance that is in deep grief. There is judgment, there is guilt that is very present. As they continue to be in energetics of regret and in judgment of themselves over what has transpired they set up an inability to access the higher energetics and higher levels of consciousness. They are continually sabotaging their frequencies through judgment and guilt. So there has to be a level in which their consciousness can begin the forgiveness process. They will then be able to access these higher frequency patterns. Some energetic work has to be done in this regard.

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