25 August 2016

Blog Matters: Emails & Comments

Clip Art Best

Thank you to those who wrote in to enquire about the missing Comments widget :)  I'll get to that in a moment.

I believe I've mentioned this before, anyway I'll talk a bit about it now. Those who email me regularly will know (eventually) that I usually take a long time to reply. If you have emailed me and didn't know this before please understand that it's not about you ~ it's just me. I'm not very good at emailing, but I do try to respond in a timely manner to emails that generally just require a very short reply. For those that are more discussion-type in nature, please know that I will take a lot longer in reverting. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience :)

And now, for the Comments function.

I've disabled Comments for now. In the past month, I've suddenly gotten a huge rise in the number of very negative, angry, disruptive and unpleasant comments. I've generally deleted most of them but allowed some that I could barely tolerate. With some regret, I may add.

However, I've recently decided that enough is enough. If the negative comments were from trolls and shills, then they most certainly have no place on my blog.. If the negative comments were genuine, then they are self-righteous at best and downright rude at worst (and I'm being very kind in my choice of description). Either way, I don't wish for the negative energies to pollute my blog, at which I work very hard to keep its energy as conscious as possible, to the best of my ability and level of awareness. I find it more distressing to read such negativity from seemingly aware people than trolls/shills ~ the only thing that consoles me is that these Souls may be acting out, going through their own healing process courtesy of the intense high frequency Light energies.

I will continue to disable Comments for now. If my blog had been targetted (for goodness' sake why? My blog is low key, has no advertising, sells nothing, no social media!) then perhaps in a couple of weeks they would have lost interest and moved on  :)

Thank you again to all who have written in to ask :)  And to all you very beautiful Souls who write to me regularly ~ heartfelt gratitude for your limitless patience......I love you all!

Namaste :)