06 August 2016

Breakthrough Phase ~ EM Ibrahin Hassan & Blue Solara ~ 6 August 2016

Carlos S

Collective Consciousness now above 50%!!

Source: The World Of Truth

After our entry into the Timelines Convergence; and the hard cleansing which was followed by, this had an impact on the awakening people of earth as follows:

Some of them clashed with the barriers of their inner sub-consciousness, thus hindering their spiritual progress,, and some of them been helped from this hard cleansing in overcoming the obstacles of their inner sub-consciousness and their spiritual progress has increased and moved on, generally; this led to more awakening among the people on planet earth, and therefore it led to an entry in the breakthrough phase..

What happened & what is going to happen in the breakthrough phase?

Based on the great awakening that took place in the period of timelines convergence, the percentage of the collective consciousness has increased, and has become above 50% now , and based on this percentage in the law of universe ;  the galactic community considered what happened as an approval from the people of earth to them to go through direct intervention in the internal affairs of a planet on the physical level, to meet the demands of their brothers and children in this planet,, whereas the interference before was external outside the planet and internally indirectly based on specific agreements..

The decision of direct intervention had led to take some new decisions (Both internally and externally for the planet) of which:

Intensification of direct action on the dismantling of Plasma and Veil Technology, especially after getting rid of the major negative sub-timelines that related to the new timeline which happened after the increasing of the percentage of the collective consciousness recently...

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