09 August 2016

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 7 August 2016 ~ Updated

** Updated with list of some topics **

Two things ~ I have only listened to the first 10 minutes or so of this session, just to check the audio quality. I will listen to the whole thing when I can get to it.

Secondly, I'm glad I decided to check the audio, because Simon provides some clarity regarding the recent FarSight video where three (I think) remote viewers constructed similar scenes of a major disaster that's supposed to take place in August. I only quickly skimmed through the video last week just to get a feel of it, and didn't think too much about it because it felt a bit "off".

Simon believes that this is the timeline that the negatives wishes to implement, but that it wouldn't come to pass. The timeline that the remote viewers accessed isn't necessarily the timline that we are on, and this is something I agree with, because I just couldn't resonate with the video.

Back to this CC session, which you can listen to here.

List of some topics covered:

  • Farsight video (as explained above)
  • Agarthans ~ Lemurians and Atlanteans origins
  • Consciousness of trees
  • Our Planet's covenant with her people
  • Increasing our connection with our Planet and messages through dreams
  • Hubbard and Crowley ~ Atlantean connection
  • Reptilians and energy of Love.

  • Russian Lightworker translating Simon's work and psychic protection
  • Simon meeting Putin's representative at end of year
  • Colour of eyes/skin prejudices/bias comes from Reptilian conditioning.

  • Sphinx ~ originally of feline nature
  • Moon and its potential dark effects
  • Lion's Gate Portal ~ be aware of negative attempts to control
  • 4D experiences and choices, its disconnection with other dimensions
  • Rendlesham Incident~ Grey's re-engineering efforts from future
  • Simon reiterates we're on track to pass through 4D and then onto 5D (current 3D reality is already 4D-ish so we don't need to spend more time than necessary in 4D).

  • Why do we need food? Simon relates story of 12D Beings who crash-landed here; effects of current energies and rising consciousness, including Solar activity, on food requirements
  • Eva Zemanova bringing Truth out regarding Humans as first race on Planet, as opposed to Reptilians' propaganda that they created Humans (JP interviewed her here) Simon repeats that Sumerian Tablets were altered (he explained this in an earlier session) and that Lyra is birth place of Humanity
  • 12 Star Families who altered our DNA? Our history, and therefore our DNA engineering, is complex story; it doesn't mean 12 separate groups of Star Beings landed here and altered DNA. Current Reptilian group is the last group to alter Humanity's DNA, using stock Lyran genetics. Humans have genetics value over and above those of Reptilians and therefore tradeable. Humanity is Lyran-Simian-Reptilian hybrid ~ it is the Lyran roots that will enable Humanity to evolve (please also bear in mind the story of "Sunshine Before the Dawn", where Judy Satori tells the event where Humanity received another upgrade which involved the insertion of the Pineal Gland so that we can help ourselves in our Ascension process when the time comes, which is now)
  • JP recommends reconnecting with Lyran roots; Simon speaks of colour affinity with Lyran traits.

@ 1:36:30-hours
  • Triggers that may come from mind-control programs eg. clicking fingers or pens
  • Simon's home EMF situation update
  • In the 70s, some children were sent forwards in time where they saw parts of USA submerged in water; as a result some auxialary control were relocated but Simon stresses this timeline was just one of the potentials
  • Simon's experience with Shungite.

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