24 August 2016

Connecting Consciousness with Win Keech and JayPee ~ 21 August 2016

With Simon Parkes away on a break, Win Keech and JayPee engage in a deep discussion about how ancient history that's unresolved can, and will, present itself over and over again, clamouring for our attention and ultimate resolution.

Stemming primarily from the Lyran Wars, the emotional trauma and mental scarring from the fallout have carried over the ages, presenting themselves in the many lifetimes of the numerous Souls involved. Many such Souls are now connecting with each other in this lifetime to remedy the imbalances.

At the start of this show, Win Keech shared the example of a close friend who is a Starseed that had succumbed to the dark influences of the Matrix. He realises that if it takes so much for a Starseed to awaken and remain on the course, then it would take a big wake-up call for Humanity to awaken.

(The way I look at it is that it's extremely challenging to liberate prisoners if they themselves don't believe they are prisoners.)

Win and JayPee also talk about the massive and global healing that's taking place at the moment, across all levels and involving all the Races (I would also mention the intense Atlantean healing at this point). This is the time that we need to return to Love and Light and begin to take responsibility for our own selves.

I'm just halfway through this recording; you can listen to the show here. In some ways, this is a sort of expansion to JayPee's earlier show about the Lyran Trauma, which you can listen to here. 

I'd like to add a note here ~ ultimately, it's crucial to understand that while healing the shadows are essential, it is best not to spend too much time in this mode. We need to do what is necessary to heal (and to heal as deeply as possible) but at the end of the day, we have much to focus on the "here and now", and continue to proceed forward.