17 August 2016

Expressing Your Divine Self ~ Peggy Black & The Team ~ 16 August 2016

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Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family

August 16, 2016

 ___________ My Personal Message___________

This past month has gone by quickly; it is hard to believe that summer is almost over.
It has been delightful and truly humbling to receive so many wonderful emails from clients of these past ten years. I was thrilled to reconnect and offer another session for clients who had received a reading with the 'team' years ago. I am so grateful for these sweet messages of success from those who had a session with the 'team' and shared how their lives shifted as they stepped into their magnificence.

I love this opportunity to share the 'team' and their messages with you. It has been my honor to do so. It has certainly been a growth time for me. I am looking forward to the next ten years with great expectation as to what might unfold.  Now that the website has been refreshed, perhaps I can focus on the several books that are on file to be completed, as well as energize the idea of the Message in the Moment app that I have wanted to bring into reality. It is my intention to generate the funding to make that happen.

I am so grateful for the generosity of this blessed community that has supported this work. It was you who sponsored and allowed the Morning Messages deck to be created as well as the two books. What the 'team' offers belongs to everyone. I am just the doorway, the seneschal, the steward of what is unfolding; it is you who are inviting this information. So thank you for your prayers, your friendships and your bluesky financial support. It is always timely. May you always be blessed beyond measure.

It truly is my passion and dedication to offer the 'team's messages and energy. I am grateful for the physical support that I have each month from Tom, my computer wizard, mentor and good friend on the East Coast who wears many hats in supporting me and the Morning Messages; Nicole, my office goddess who keeps all the business data accurately recorded and who is also one of my most loving cheerleaders;  John, in Colorado whom I have never met, who makes sure each newsletter goes out on time; and Marcel who consciously and lovingly has just designed our wonderful new website.

I am also grateful for all the non-physical support I receive daily. It is amazing to me how many physical components and monthly services are needed to make all this available. When I say this has been a growth time for me, I am speaking of all that I have learned about computers and such as well as the celestial realms.

I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy
_________ Message from the 'Team' _________ 

Express Your Divine Self
Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here to offer you some clarity as well as insight to the unfolding chaos you are observing. This is truly a time of transformation, for it is out of energetic and collective chaos that new realities are brought forth or birthed.

We realize that you are observing world events from a place of disbelief and concern. We hope these words will assure you of your powerful role in this transformation and invite your focused attention and intentions in a way that will create and anchor the birth of a life sustaining reality for all. This is your assignment. If you are reading our words, you are aware of this as an opportunity to express your divine self.

The misqualified energies that are being invoked, stoked and empowered are rising up to be cleared. We realize when you observe these misqualified or negative energies and emotions being stirred up and then acted out from the collective consciousness, there is great alarm and disbelief. Be aware that you are witnessing what has been called the shadow, the aspect of the human subconscious in which many dark impulses are repressed.

We are inviting you to do your best to stay centered and again focused on a reality that you desire.  This truly is your power and responsibility.

You have a physical body as well as an energy body and from the time you are birthed into this dimension and reality, it is your physical form that requires the most attention. As a child, when you begin to grow and experience the various emotional energies of discomfort, disappointment, anger, fear and any other misqualified emotions, you are not taught how to express, clear or shift these emotions. Many times these emotions are shut down so quickly that they are not even witnessed by others.

Most of these painful emotions and experiences are suppressed or stored within the energy body. Your parents did not understand how to clear these negative emotional energies. Therefore, you were not taught the importance of clearing these misqualified emotions, and therefore the cycle has continued. This is an aspect of human nature that is not addressed or resolved.

We are not judging this behavior; it is a pattern that has engaged all humans for ages. When a negative or misqualified emotion or experience is felt and not expressed in a healthy way at that time, it then becomes stored in the physical form within the cells, tissues and organs of the body, your bio-computer.  It is also energetically stored within the energy body.

These dense vibrations and frequencies of negative misqualified emotions of fear, anger, hatred, guilt, abandonment, not being loved or seen etc. become what has energetically been called the shadow self, the part or aspect of oneself that is repressed or denied.

You have been taught that it is not appropriate to express your anger or any other misqualified emotions. What you and others have done has been to control, inhibit, contain or bottle-up this anger or fear or other negative emotions and experiences.
Emotions that are repressed, denied or ignored can be triggered or activated easily by a similar emotional vibration or frequency. So when someone expresses anger, it often activates any repressed anger in the other. If fear is invoked by someone, any fear that is repressed will be activated in the individual and their personal shadow or the collective shadow.

Consider the possibility that emotional frequencies can be contagious. Anger will more often invoke anger, fear will invite and stimulate more fear all because individuals have not been informed how to clear or transform these negative emotions or energies. You have not been taught that you are an alchemist. This awareness is a part of the unfolding evolution.

This is a truth that you are here to anchor. You truly are here on this planet, at this time, to uplift these misqualified negative emotions and vibrations that have held humanity in the limited belief of being powerless.

These dark and misqualified impulses are usually hidden and suppressed within the subconscious of each individual. As a multidimensional divine being of light, you are meant to transform them. You feel an emotion and if it is misqualified or is a low, dense negative emotion, you are to shift that by expressing the emotion in a healthy manner, owning these feelings rather than suppressing or constraining them.

You can use sound to clear or express these dense frequencies, or use many of the other energy tools that are available, instead of storing these vibrations in the energy field and the physical body.  

What you are observing in the collective action and chaos that is appearing around your planet is the activation of all the repressed hatred, anger, fear, judgment and such that has been repressed by generations. The collective shadow is apparent and available to transform.

Be conscious when any of your own suppressed emotions are triggered by the media, or by others. Remember not to engage in the same negative emotions that are being expressed in the collective consciousness.

Take the opportunity to clear any personal misqualified or negative feelings of resentment, aggression, jealousy, hatred, or fear and be aware of any judgment or righteousness you might have concerning your stance. Once you acknowledge the possibility that these feelings might be hidden from your awareness, it is much easier to transform them. The very act of observing, of recognizing and owning these emotions, weakens their power.

Once any light is offered to a shadow manifestation, it disappears. It is light that causes the shadow to show up and be acted out and it is also the consciousness of light that can and will cause the collective shadow to dissipate.

Be conscious when any of your own suppressed emotions are triggered by the media or by others. Remember not to engage in the same negative emotions that are being expressed in the collective consciousness.

Remember, you are an alchemist. And an alchemist has the ability and the understanding to transform energy. Emotions are just energy.

Step into your personal power and understanding, knowing that you can focus on the light of awareness occurring wherever the shadow is reflected. Send loving blessings to those caught up in the expression of the shadow self. Hold the vision and reinforce the true magnificence in others.

We are now simply sharing the importance to your evolution and the evolution of consciousness on your planet for you to step into your power as a conscious alchemist and begin to offer your light, to focus your light and to know without a doubt that it is making a difference.

See yourself anchoring the vibrations and frequencies of love, compassion, understanding and life sustaining actions. See yourself anchoring cosmic light and imagine it spreading and gathering everyone in an embrace of wholeness and healing.

Imagine this loving light energy, this divine energy, healing all wounds of the world, spiritual wounds, mental wounds, emotional wounds, and physical wounds.

Remember also to call upon all divine beings in the non-physical realms to support your efforts and your intentions toward the enlightenment of all sentient beings.

We are with you in this action and this alchemical process of transformation. We embrace you with our love and deep gratitude for who you are and for the work and service that you are offering this dimension and timeframe.  Know that you are supported and you are seen. the 'team'
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