20 August 2016

Focusing on Your Divinity Alleviates Loneliness - Toni Petrinovich - 20 August 2016

Pure Peace

This arrived via email and I couldn't locate it in Toni's website Sacred Spaces, so here's the complete message. There is an accompanying document to this message, which is a PDF download, and you can find it here.

Loneliness is different than being alone. When you are alone, you are conscious of living your life without another person in your surroundings. Loneliness feels like there is no one to communicate with in your reality.

Loneliness is a common affliction due to most of society's reliance upon social media, email and texting with which to communicate. Since there is no audible words spoken and no tactile experience, the being alone with no one to talk with feels lonely.

Surprisingly, if someone comes into your life to communicate with the loneliness often remains. This is because it is fueled by your inner desire to communicate with your Self, the divinity that is your true awareness.

At first, the arrival of the other person may make you feel as though a place has been filled in your life, then that becomes "not enough" as you still do not have the personal, divine communication with yourself.

The remedy for loneliness is awareness of I AM.This is explained in much greater detail in this newsletter's article. It will enlighten you in ways you may not expect. Take time to read and digest how any loneliness in your life has a ready cure.

You are I AM. Make communing with yourself as I AM the foundation of your life.