25 August 2016

How are you SEEing these powerful upgrades manifest in your world? ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 24 August 2016

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Aloha magnificent and beautiful LOVE Family,

Each moment we step further into MORE NEW EARTH VIBRATIONS AND REALITIES.... as the old unconscious realities are increasingly triggered for observing, seeing, respecting and releasing within US. The moment we UNIFY inside, the moment our heart opens MORE, the moment we let the details fall away, dissipate the energy that would have caught us up before, the moment we REALize what is a distorted old program, the moment WE shift into a higher vibrational reality to experience here.

First, all is energetic... then it materializes (manifests) in our reality FOR us. Up until we are totally conscious, that which has been formed into our physical reality to experience is a hadge-padge of unconscious and conscious... it's up to us to determine which is which and choose what we are going to FEED with our precious energy (a gift). If we interact with the old, then it's our program to de-activate when we are DONE playing in that old reality.... and open up to move into a different/higher consciousness one.

NEW Earth is intentional, it's focused, it's a physical reality that is a RESPONSE to the vibrations that we consciously hold inside. It's recognizing the old habits/programmed beliefs and mentalities that kept us held to fix realities out of survival, protection or lack energies that emanate from the absence of PURE LOVE within ourselves. As we see this, we just fill that space with love....love for ourselves, love for all others and we unify all separation BACK INTO LOVE inside of us.... and our outside reality responds.

NEW Earth is energetic at first, so in order to exist here, each must tune to the ENERGY of all things.... from inside ... and for this to occur, the heart must be open, all of the way....

As each tunes into the energy, it starts to see, feel and understand ENERGETICALLY, that which was confusing and made absolutely no sense before. This is a process of pulling away, being alone, going slower... letting all that is not longer serving your highest vibration go....

NEW Earth is an EXISTENCE .... where all is SACRED again. When the heart is truly open, the mind relaxes, one's body relaxes and energy radiates out. In this space, immense love, gratitude and Sacred Respect can be felt.... We treat others differently here, we truly love and respect all, yet we do not feed the lack of love, lack of respect in others.... we hold more love and allow others to raise their vibration to feel this too. With us it's safe to open up, for there are no threats anymore.... for the human aspect perceives being open as a threat. It believes it can be hurt, betrayed, taken advantage of, because it gives it's power away. Here we take our power back, fully and through the purity of Divine Love, nothing is more powerful than we are.

The re-birthing process is continual, which means that old aspects, old realities, old programs are continually dying, become obsolete. There are phases and themes to shifts that we continually go through... initiations, graduations, ceremonies and our world is comprised of metaphors, symbols, signs and messages that others cannot always see. Here we SEE the purpose in everything. All either unifies or separates. All either supports NEW Earth Existence or is of the old... and here we decide, take responsibility for our own realities, our own creations, our own choices... conscious or unconscious... without any judgement at all.

Everything is a part of the process, everything is important here, everything matters, everyone is special, everyone is beautiful... they just don't always see it, feel it, know it yet.... for they have forgotten, gone deep to sleep within.... Those who hold Mastery, those who exist as Walking Souls, those who have transcended these limited aspects within themselves can see this and radiate love regardless of what the other still believes....

WE are all WayShowers, we are all sovereign beings, we are all brilliant, magnificent and totally capable to create and experience anything we desire here.

As ancient key-code holders, WE have the ability to hold the gridwork in place, we have the power of love within us and we hold the knowledge of how all truly is. As each comes to access their own inner genius, their own divine light inside, they will come to realize this too, because this is their truth too.

As Cosmic Portals and Gateways to NEW Earth, each one of us can open these for others that have not figured out how yet. The question is "will you"? Are you embracing your own journey and creating/holding that space for all around you to FEEL and DO this too. Are you respecting their own reality to make their own decisions for how they choose to do their own journey, while you focus on you and all that you are here to BE/SHARE/DO?

There are no more excuses, no more reasons why you cannot. You are the one that tells this story, and seeks others to validate this for you... here on NEW Earth, we do not, for we see your soul.... and it's beyond beautiful. It's our job to connect with that aspect of you so that you can join us here on NEW Earth all of the time... NOW. ♥

Open your heart and expand your conscious energy. Everything returns as you do. ♥
Focus on Your Energy, Your Vibration, Your Light

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