07 August 2016

Isolation ~ Lisa Renee ~ 1 August 2016

Cerulean Sanctum
Source: Energetic Syntheis

Q. Where are all these people supposedly being awakened? I don't see them anywhere. Supposedly there's thousands, millions even, of us "ascending" people, us Starseeds and Indigos; sure, but where? I've been looking into this for a long freaking time. I've been searching. I've been asking. I was looking for support for a very long time and then I gave up. You supposed experts on this crazy sh** that's happening to me, are f******g nowhere to be found. You live on the goddamn internet and you don't exist anywhere else. Elusive, secretive, cryptic, coded bullsh**. I believed in this journey until everybody who agreed with me ended up spouting the same recycled crap every time they opened their mouths, including this site. Saying the same sh** as everyone else. Nothing new, nothing interesting, no updates, no information, no how-to, no actual help. Just a little, "You're not alone." Hypotheticals and blanket statements. Not being alone is only good for the first month. After that, maybe let us know what the f*** we're supposed to do now. Give us some freaking hope for the world or put your platform away. I'm usually much more zen and articulate. I've been angry about this lately; everyone wants to keep saying the shift is coming, everybody says soon. Muslims, Christians, Wiccans, Spiritualists. We get it. Soon. NOW WHAT. Quit it with the baby steps bullshit and give the seekers some f**** meat. Help us for gods sakes!

Dear Ascending Community,

This is a good time to publically answer the many different emails that I receive from nonmembers all over the world, such as the above email I received today. They share the same common threads that many awakening people or Starseed people experience on the earth. That common thread and theme is experiencing a sense of deep isolation from other people that leads to feelings of frustration, depression, loneliness and sometimes anger. This isolation, is also the desire to become socially isolated from the accepted standards of insanity and barbarism that make up the current social engineering tactics that are used to maintain the mind control structures on the earth. In order to attempt to meet this need of supporting a sense of deeper connection to the purpose of spiritual ascension and to support the awakening community, so this group can openly discuss and find spiritual tools for the many varieties of issues that we deal with, and to help remove these feelings of isolation, is the primary reason that the ES online community was created. It was the only way that I could reach out to the Starseeds that existed worldwide, that would be able to find the energetic space for advocacy, to be in a safe place of which to be understood and accepted, to study and learn among those who are on the same path, and to be able to share many multidimensional experiences. As Starseeds, our surreal multidimensional experiences are that which commonly lead us to the experiences of isolation, even deep loneliness for being unseen, while being on the earth during these timelines, when there is a hidden war happening to suppress and steal the consciousness of the people.

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  1. Dearest Grace,

    Thank you for posting this article. It puts everything in perspective and speaks for those who cannot verbalize all that they are gong through as love/light carriers within the bowels of the control matrix.

    Last week, I simply felt angry all the time. I did not project it and lash out at others, but I let myself feel it without censoring the emotions. It required release and I had to feel it to heal it.

    The anger was not just my own, it was collective and it was intense. It required experiencing those strong feelings while not allowing them to push me into becoming reactive and lashing out at the world around me.

    This happened in the midst of a 3 week period where I was working 6 shifts plus every week to cover vacations for 3 other people, but it also felt like some kind of final initiation before... so that... other things that were waiting for me could open up.

    The 1st week, I had several instances in the midst of the chaos at work, where I would space out, stare at the wall for a moment while I wrestled with an intense desire to drop everything,
    exit the building and just run down the street babbling, acting out the chaos and lack of consciousness around me.

    The 2nd week, the anger surfaced and had to be released. The 3rd week, which ended yesterday, I was feeling the physical exhaustion of those 3 intense weeks, but also a sense peace... and completion. Of freedom from... something.

    Actually, I was going to write that I felt centered again, but I it suddenly occurred to me that I had remained centered throughout those 3 weeks - or I would have completely given into self defeating re-actions and made things even more challenging for myself.

    Monday August 8th is the height of summer and the Lion's Gate is about to open once again at an even higher level of frequency than ever before.

    The gauntlet I had to run the last 3 weeks was all leading up to the Lion's Gate. And, I have a session with a shaman/quantum healer scheduled that day. It was originally set for July 11th, just before my 3 week challenge began, but got put off until the 8th. Now, I see why.

    Wow, reading the article and writing what was meant to be a short comment has helped me put much in perspective. Anyway, I did not mean for that to be so long... but there it is. Thank you again Grace, for your wonderful blog. As always... Many Blessings...

    1. Dear ShaunieL,

      I'm glad that Lisa's article helped, and that you decided to write, because now I can let you know that what you experienced is not out of the ordinary. I've heard from quite a number of people who have been/are personally going through similar ordeals, or know of someone who has/is.

      We have to clear, heal and transmute so much that has been accumulated over the ages, and to do it in this one lifetime! If we understand that these Divine Cosmic energies help us do that (and more!) then we'll realise that the challenges may well be Soul-designed to accelerate our Ascension process. But then you already know this because you stayed centred throughout your challenges :) And look at that synchronistic timing ~ all done in time for today's Lion's Gate energies!

      Just remember to continue doing what you need to do to stay safe....and sane! I've been getting very strong messages that we'll all be getting very busy in the very near future. It's no surprise to me that we're having this intense boot-camp clearing now, because the time is fast approaching when we'll be required to literally pull in and anchor the New Reality.

      Blessings, and thank YOU for what you do :)