17 August 2016

Eclipse Season Starts Thursday, August 18th ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 15 August 2016

It does seem that the "theme" for the current time is clearing of Atlantean energies.

Source: Meg Benedicte

The Lions Gate upgrade is still integrating, with a new crystal pillar anchored in the field, surrounding the body. The Solar Light infusion has been increasing your energy frequency into higher realms of Christ Consciousness. You are being prepared for the coming Eclipse Season that begins this Thursday, August 18th with a Lunar Eclipse at 26º Aquarius – followed by Solar Eclipse on Sept 1st and Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16th. Eclipses are known to open new doors and bring closure and completion to outdated situations.

This Full Moon Eclipse on August 18th is a penumbral eclipse that will not produce a shadow over the moon, but operate more like a virtual eclipse. It includes a rare Yod to Jupiter and Uranus, and a positive trine with Venus and Pluto. The Yod highlights any karmic mission/fate/destiny you need to complete to ascend to the next level – this includes the global ‘Mission of Mercy’ to bring Light to the fallen souls. Those who came to earth with this mission were coded and wired to hold space with the dark forces and bring them Light. This is completing around the world, as Duality loses its power and control.

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