27 August 2016

Keep On Keeping On: Part 1

Aether Force

After weeks of not being able to clearly recall my dreams, I woke up from a long one today, with full memory of every detail. As mentioned before, I usually remember my dreams and have used them for my own personal guidance over the past couple of decades, but this year successful and full dream recall just wasn't happening.

This dream revolves around me, but the fact that I was able to recall everything made it obvious to me that it's not about me only. I feel it needs to be shared, because there are a couple of pertinent messages there for us all. I will add comments that are my non-dream thoughts for added clarity, they appear in violet text. And as usual (if you are familiar with my dreams), there is the Dream-Me who appears and participates in the dream, and the Observer-Me who is also in the dream, but not participating.

The dream....

I was going on a trip. It was all very sudden, unplanned and totally unexpected. Having hardly any time to prepare, I basically just turned up with nothing more than the clothes I was wearing and my trusty handbag. *In "real" life I usually have quite a few things in my bag, all mini-sized ~ scissors, clips, string, medical tape, eucalyptus oil, safety pins etc ~ just in case....* 

I didn't know where I was supposed to be heading. There were several others going along with me, some I knew and many I didn't. I saw a couple of family members but I also noticed that a couple others were conspicuously absent. I observed this with a degree of detachment, and acknowledged the knowingness that this wasn't totally unexpected. *In the dream, it seemed as though I didn't know what was actually happening but I had full knowingness of everything. This is the best way that I can explain the situation.*

We all got onto some vehicle, and before I could think the next thought, we had arrived at our destination. Without even looking, I knew that we had reached a mountain resort. The temperature there was about 15 degrees C lower than where I was before I embarked on this trip. I was dressed in shorts and t-shirt, suitable attire for the tropics. But where we had ended up, my clothes were hardly adequate!

We all instinctively knew where to go next ~ our accommodation. Again, next thing I knew, I was at mine. I decided that I needed to go out to get some warm clothes and basic necessities as soon as possible, but instead of heading towards the door, I followed my inner guidance and headed confidently to the wardrobe instead. I opened the doors and to my absolute delight, found it fully stocked with warm clothes and toiletries. I also knew instinctively that everything I needed was in there. I didn't have to buy a single item!

I also knew, without a doubt, that it was ME who had stocked up the wardrobe at an earlier time. I felt appreciative of that fact as I glanced across all the items neatly stored inside.

*At this point, I remember the Observer-Me wondering how I could have possibly stocked the wardrobe before this, since the place I was in didn't even belong to me. Then the Observer-Me remembered that I have been to this place before, and I knew at that time that I had to fill the wardrobe with all that I would need at some future point in time.*

The next scene in the dream was arriving at some place for a "treat". We were having Afternoon Tea at a really lovely spot that was well-known for its lush beauty and delectable food. It was going to be a huge affair, and we all knew that it was all in our honour. *But it wasn't made clear in the dream what we had done to deserve this rich reward.*

The pretty lady who greeted us at the front of the building was very interested to know about our experience and the knowledge we had. The conversation in the dream didn't have details, but it was clear that we were answering many of her questions.

Unfortunately, the dream ended at this point so I didn't get to enjoy the food or appreciate the settings inside the building.

This is the second time that I've had a dream which involved a physical ascension (the first one involved going up on a stone "escalator stairs"). This one had the vehicle arriving at a mountain resort. I have no doubt that both are Ascension-related.

This dream stresses to me the utmost relevance of preparation, or our inner work. If we are well-prepared (and therefore, the well-stocked wardrobe), the process will go much more smoothly and comfortably for us. If we don't do the requisite inner work (nothing in the wardrobe, we will have to endure the cold to go out and buy lots of things), we will feel some level of discomfort or challenge. No one else can do this preparation for us, we are the ones who have to stock our own wardrobe.

Then there's the ultimate celebration for us at the end of the day. It is clear to me that when all "this" is said and done, there will definitely be a grand time of rejoicing.

I know so many of us are just SO...COMPLETELY...DRAINED. Please, we have to keep on keeping on. We can take a breather now and then but we cannot afford to give up in any way, shape or form. Although there are times when we just want to quit, we also know, on a deeper level, that things are accelerating and we are getting closer and closer with each passing moment. We just need to hang in there and never give up, never give in.

More in Part 2.