14 August 2016

Keshe Foundation Teaching Index and Transcription Coordination: Transformacomm

I haven't properly kept up with significant developments on the Keshe front for some time now. I depend almost entirely on other sources who have taken the time and effort to highlight certain topics or events. One source for which I am very grateful is the above site ~ they provide transcripts of Mr Keshe's workshops, and sometimes add highlights as well.

I'm posting the link to their site so that those who would like to keep track of what's happening but feel very daunted by how much time is required to get through the teachings/videos, can now at least go through the notes and pick out the corresponding videos they wish to view.

Many thanks to the people behind this endeavour....I'm always very appreciative of sources who provide notes or transcripts :)

Please visit Transformacomm for pointers to the Keshe teachings.

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