19 August 2016

Keshe Tech Demonstration and Update ~ Gordon Duff of Veterans Today ~ 13 August 2016

Thank you to all you sent me the link to this report from Gordon Duff, much appreciated!

The actual headline to this is, "Breaking: Did the World End Yesterday and Nobody Noticed?". Gordon presents a short video (and that's a big encouragement there for those who balk at lengthy videos) that demonstrates a working generator that powered up several heavy-duty units, pulling in over 4000W of pure power. I've viewed a number of videos where testers have succeeded in generating power, but this is the first time I've seen power produced at this capacity! Please do watch it at the link below.

Gordon also highlights the tragic murder (no other way to call it) of Keshe's associate, Fabio Alonzo. I did watch a bit of that video that included a tribute Fabio, and it is evident that Mr Keshe was pretty agitated over this cowardly incident.

As I've mentioned before, Keshe's work cannot be allowed go the way that Tesla's did. I'm no scientist and I have no real understanding of much of the technical things that are involved in the technology. (I mention this so that you won't write to me for technical details ~ I've received several such requests before and I'm really unable to assist.) The reason I try to post Keshe's information and progress every now and then is my little contribution to his work, and more importantly, to add to the efforts to highly publicise this man and make his technology as public as possible, so that it cannot be hijacked in any way.

For the article, which includes the demonstration, please go over to Veterans Today.

The best I can gather about the intended demonstration of the generator in Washington DC, is that the unit was damaged (see Golden Age of Gans). We'll have to see further progress can be made.

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