13 August 2016

Lunar Eclipse: Atlantis Starseed Marking August 18th ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 12 August 2016

Source: Meg Benedicte

We are currently integrating the incredible 8-8 Lions Gate upgrades into all levels of our being. This appears as a shimmering diamond-white column of solar light flowing thru your body and energy field. Allow the powerful crystalline light to cleanse and purify you. The intense Solar Light infusion is purging away more density from the past. The Sirian Light is awakening new Soul DNA to crystallize in your cells.

As the two worlds pull apart this year, the 3D earth is pulling out negative memory and emotions from your field – sucking all that polarized energy with it. You may feel like you are being pulled apart as well. Work with the Ego to disentangle from the remains of living in the 3D Matrix. Consciously let go and release your past history from your energy field, disconnect from the 3D timeline altogether.

As the 3D world loses power, you may experience some opposition around you. The fallen forces are being moved into a lower realm of Duality to continue their spiritual training. This is why it is so important to pull your energy away from that world completely. It is volatile right now! The powerful Lions Gate upgrade is clearing out dark opposing backlash, revenge, retribution attack energy that was directed at you from the past. Clean your energy in the vortex, in nature, in water, in meditation. Set yourself FREE!

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