04 August 2016

Massive Wave of Cleansing Light Pouring In! ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxkin

A MASSIVE WAVE OF CLEANSING LIGHT IS POURING IN! Messages from the 2 latest crop circle formations. (SHARE so more can see it!)

This year's crop circle season is still continuing to thrill us with many star-like formations. This season is flooded with a theme of stars and stellar energy. Now we understand a bit of the reason for this trend.

The crop circle (linked below), that appeared on July 28th, is an 8 petaled star, the number of perfect harmony. I also see that each of the eight petals are divided directly down the center. This reminds me of the little known fact that the great pyramid of Giza is actually an 8 sided structure; not 4. In certain light, you can see the division down the front side of all four sides of the great pyramid. The great pyramid is a massive energy generator. It is one of those places that I am very grateful that I am not inside it when it is actually turned on.

When I asked about this formation, I received that pyramidal energy (in Earthly and stellar formations) were powering up for something big. This didn't necessarily mean the great pyramids in Egypt, but it could. This pyramidal energy comes from the dimension ruled by sacred geometry, or the universally common language of math. It is a basic law throughout the universe. Our now finely tuned nervous systems and advancing DNA will experience a greater awakening from its still semi-hibernating state. We can expect to see an acceleration of energy from earthly pyramids and sacred node points on the Earth in the very near future (End of this crop circle's message). A link to this crop circle is here...


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