14 August 2016

Personal Update: 14 August 2016

As the vehicle I was in slowly and steadily wound its way along the mountain road, I gratefully welcomed the opportunity to spend the next hour or so peering out the window to connect with the dense growth of trees surrounding the mountain. Still and silent witnesses to the passage of time as well as the numerous people travelling past them, while the trees themselves generally go unnoticed.

My usual practice when I spend time with trees is to thank them, appreciate their beauty and send them Love. So that's what I did, fully immersing myself in their world and frequencies.

Very shortly after, I received the following message: "The trees are singing."

Completely taken by surprise, it took me several moments to regain my thoughts. Although I've always felt a strong association with Trees, I have never received messages about them, or from them. So I did a quick check:

Did this come from my imagination? Possibly.
Did it come from a place of ego? No.

When I asked for more clarity, I received, "They have started their song."

I was then overwhelmed by a strong wave of emotion that swept through me. Again, this was unexpected and I felt rather perplexed as I began to get teary. This emotional state stayed with me for the next half-hour or so ~ I was glad I had my sunglasses on.

I tried to tune in and listen intently to see if I could isolate their song, but to no avail. What I did notice is that the constant high-pitch frequencies I've been hearing over the past few years had become silent. For the first time in a long while, I didn't hear those tones at all. I also couldn't hear anything that I could identify as a tree-song of some sort. That doesn't necessarily mean there's no "song", it could be that I was just unable to hear it.

Still emotional, I continued with my simple communion with the Trees. After about 30 minutes we started coming out of the dense tree growth. A clearing opened up skywards, and I saw an eagle high above, majestic wings outstretched, seemingly motionless in the blue background. This is the third time I've experienced something like this ~ an eagle appearing in the sky after an unusual event, as if to assure me I wasn't seeing or hearing things, or making them up.

By then, the emotional waves had left, and I knew enough to understand that some sort of mission had been completed. I'm guessing it's the Trees' mission, because that was what it felt like, and that the singing represented some part of the final stage of completion. I should clarify that the emotion wasn't one of sadness or anything like that. On the contrary, it was something very positive, full of deep Love and caring.

Many of you reading this would, by now, be already thinking "Lord of the Rings".....I certainly was! I love the pivotal role played by Treebeard and the Trees in defeating the darkness, and I have absolutely no doubt that our Trees play an equally decisive role in this Transition of the Ages.

Later in the same day, while I was also travelling but this time across wide open spaces, I noticed the above Sylphs formation in the sky.

It was breathtakingly magnificent! My photo doesn't do it any justice at all (moving vehicle, glass window), because it actually spanned a huge section of the sky. Before I saw this formation, I had noticed an unusually large number of what looked like small-ish Cloudships to me, hovering low on the skyline.

We covered quite a distance before the formation finally disappeared from my view. What came up next looked like another Cloudship, but this one was much larger and on its own. Unfortunately I don't have pictures to show.

Back to the gorgeous Sylph formation, which fanned upwards across miles of sky ~ I recalled something that someone had related to me some years ago. After successfully completing a rather long and labour-intensive Light mission, he was gifted with a beautiful Sylph formation in the sky. He described it as giant Sylphs fanning outwards from the horizon, covering vast expanses of the sky. He didn't have a picture to show me, but I'm sure it looked similar to the one I saw. I still remember the look of wonder and deep appreciation on his face as he was describing his formation ~ it's the same wonder and deep appreciation I feel for "mine" :)
So when I thought about this person's "reward" for a mission well completed, I was sure that the formation I saw was also a confirmation that the Trees had successfully completed their mission. Whatever they had accomplished had enabled them to now sing their song. And although I couldn't hear it, I'm very certain that it's most exquisite.

Namaste and Blessings!

PS. The high-pitched tones have returned.....

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