02 August 2016

Seeking to Creating: New Expressions of Self ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 30 July 2016

Source: Think With Your Heart

First and foremost…BREATHE.  Tho ultimately all for LOVE, the fact is that we’ve all been thru some super charged, highly discordant and seriously disharmonious energies this month, and whether you are “in the world, or of it”, it still smarts in parts.

Tragedies, calamities, natural disasters, social & political insanity, financial instability, etc….these all kick up (reflect) intense collective root fears that every part of the human family is in some way responsible for.  But because we know that these energies can only be alchemized from within, our job thru moments of upheaval is exactly what we’ve practiced in the safety of our cocoons for several years prior…to anchor within, examine our own reactions/responses to the energies, transmute/transcend any personal dissension, and then return to the bigger picture perspective ASAP. Rinse, repeat.

We’re certainly no stranger to this process, but the last several weeks seriously tested our resolve.

The summer/winter definitely got off to a rocky start but we are learning that the more we become true to ourSelves, the more we withdraw our energy from anything external (soul defragmentation)…from that which no longer serves our own unique path of mastery…the more energy we have available to Self sustain, Self generate, Self realize.  Staying narrowly focused on our soul’s path during times of tumult enables us to not only unhook from the outer chaos but also gives us an opportunity to move on from our own  perceived wounds…those unLOVEd aspects that still get triggered thru the experience of the dismantling world.

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