11 August 2016

Shungite: A Very, Very Powerful Crystal & Mineral - Andrew Bartzis - 1 August 2016

I'm posting this not because I'm encouraging everyone to rush out and get a Shungite, but because of the nature of information pertaining to put Ascension process. Additionally, Simon Parkes and JayPee have talked at length about Shungite on their past two radio sessions. My very strong belief is that ultimately, our individual and collective Ascension isn't dependent upon how many crystals (or which crystals) we have, or what courses we've attended, or how much information we've crammed in; what matters more is stepping into our Sovereignty, reclaiming our Trueness and living from our divine Heartspace.

Thanks to Galactic Historian for posting this.

Source: Michael Brett Baker

Shungite is a very very powerful crystal & mineral & when used properly can do all the cleansing & stuff & it is a gift from Gaia. It’s a representation of all the external source crystals & minerals that don’t naturally exist in our world. 

Shungite can be the manifestations & representations of them so that they can create the fullness of spiritual alchemy…everybody needs…,” 

Caller: “Can you go into the Akashic Record & give us any information on Shungite or the Hollow Earth? “ 

Andrew: “Okay, again, Shungite is the planets gift, it is planetary celestial alchemy. It is a representation of all living beings on the world, of every mineral community or crystal community that they have ever meet before & their Akashic Record. When every being comes here it uploads its Akashic Records to the frequency of the worlds & this world stores it record & inside this record, everyone you’ve met in this one degree of separation. Many people have also brought stones here. After a while this planet has created alchemy known as Shungite & Shungite is representation of every crystal that has ever been experienced by every being living in this world, past present & future. So it is every crystal put into one.
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