30 August 2016

The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen ~ Andrew Martin ~ 25 August 2016


In a very nice flow of Synchronicity, I was led to Andrew Martin in the course of my "research". Andrew is new to me as a source ~ the title of his post made me sit up. I had just posted Sandra Walter's update which reported the same thing, and the "acceleration" theme continues!

Before I proceeded to post it, however, I checked my emails only to find a couple of dear Souls had sent me the link to this same report. So here it is for those who haven't read it.

Accelerated Timeline....Warp speed here we come!!

Source: The Lighted Ones

I have been getting a message from TLO (The Lighted Ones) over the past few days about an accelerated ascension timeline for September. It’s odd, because for the past few weeks, I have been trying to peer into September to see what’s up energetically so I could prepare my Energy Update video for my YouTube channel. I love doing these videos for you and so when I couldn’t see September’s energies, I was a bit perplexed.

Then a few days ago when I got the message about the acceleration, I was excited and curious. Excited about the idea of acceleration and of finally having a topic for the September video and also curious about what that meant exactly. The energies started to come in a few days ago and they are HUGE! The details have slowly been coming in over the past week.

This morning I was sitting with my morning coffee, checking in to see what was on the agenda. I kept hearing the info about September and was preparing to record my video even though September is still a week away. I figured it was ok that it came a bit early since they’ve been talking non-stop about acceleration anyway.

Usually when I record a video, I create a list of bullet points to share and always manage to find a point of connection from where to begin. This time, it wasn’t coming through clearly. So, I decided to sit and write to Amar and get some clarity.

For those of you who are new to my work, The Lighted Ones are a multi-dimensional council of several hundred beings and my Higher Self, Amar speaks for them. I call them my guides, but they are more like a council of advisors that I am also a part of. Kind of a United Nations sort of thing, but without the creepy shadow influence.

It’s a mind-bending, “Inception”, “Interstellar” sort of thing to try and comprehend, so rather than try and make a distinction, I just call them My Light Team or My/The Guides.

Anyway, as I sat down to get some intel from them, it quickly became clear that this was going to be a written post. Even though I was REALLY looking forward to recording and editing my first video on my new laptop today!

In the beginning back in 2012/2013 when TLO first made contact, the primary way of communication was through channelled writing. That evolved into a brief period of my doing conscious channelling sessions and videos after Amar introduced himself in late 2014/early 2015; forgive me, the details of the events are a bit blurry through this rapid expansion. Now, it’s like a live stream connection to Amar speaking for TLO and when I connect to do readings or videos it’s basically a mind meld and the merging of information is seamless. I don’t differentiate between when I am speaking or when Amar is speaking (in sessions or during videos) as there is no separation. I share this background info because I know many of you have gotten to know me through my videos and so perhaps you haven’t ever read a post from TLO. Anyway, without further commentary from me, here is the latest update on What’s on tap for September!

Please read on for the message from The Lighted Ones.....