26 August 2016

Unleashing Humanity ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ 25 August 2016

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The Unleashing Humanity
Dreams containing clues to coming prophecy.
Aluna Joy - 8-22-16

After many months of unsettling dreams (I am sure that this had a lot to do with all those planets in retrograde), I feel something big has shifted.

Two nights ago, Ihad an ecstatic dream where I was crying so hard with joy. I couldn't contain the joy and the love, nor did I want to. Jeez, have I missed these types of dream.

The setting, of course, was in sacred sites, but it was a blend of Peru and England together. A couple of English sound healer pals were there playing music, and there were many others there also that I have known over the years. There was wonderful food and crystal clear water to swim in, and the sun never set. The blended local culture was just so full of love and joy!

Today, the energy is gentler than I have felt in months. But I can also feel the edge of a cocooning integration stage coming on. This will integrate all that we have gone through in the last few months. May the integration be gentle, full of peace, and love. I feel this could be a nice long plateau where our souls can reboot, recharge and thrive. ... as long as we don't get caught up in any of the world's drama :-)


Last night I had another dream with a prophetic message. I dreamed about my Peruvian ICA STONE (If you don't know what this is, Google "stones of Ica") *see image above*. I call him stony. He wanted to come to England with me to bath in the English sea on the east and west coast. This would be on both sides of the Michael and Mary Ley Lines that exist on the landmass of England, where they drop off into the ocean. I have not traveled with this stone since 911, mainly because of the heightened security, and also because the carrying of a baseball sized stone is considered a weapon. The dream showed me putting my Ica stone in my checked in bag. When I got to England, the bag was lost. There are not too many of my personal possessions that I am attached to but this is one of them. I feel that I am the caretaker of this stone.

The dream woke me up. So I got up and went to my office where my Ica stone is, to make sure it was still there. Once I saw that he was all safe, headed back to bed; but he called me back and asked me to bring him back with me. I put it at the head of my bed between two pillows. My little dog, Comet, begin to twitch wildly with a dream, and I got a very strong message about the coming times.

It was clear in his (Stone of Ica) sharing that we are to be very diligent at paying attention to each moment in our lives. Time and experience will begin to pass very quickly now. This will make the rocketship feeling of 2012 look like a paddleboat. I know that we are going to be really excited about the acceleration. The stone of Ica comes from a different type of technology. It is the technology of intuition and heart knowing, very much like a network of Crystal skulls. This stone also is aware of our current technology. He is painfully aware of how much of our lives we miss, because we have our faces in our iPhones, iPads, and computers, even though these devices and technologies have brought us together in a way that has never been experienced before in our lifetime. There are going to be a matrix of clues coming to us at a very accelerated rate. This Ica Stone, that is linked to a living library of stones in Peru, does not want us to miss out on all the amazing clues arising around us that will be available for us. These clues will help us make a series of very big choices in the coming months. If you have been feeling stuck this last year, hang on! We are coming unleashed.

After I thought about both of the dreams, I felt like the messages were conflicting. One being a retreat like cocoon state, and the other being a very active experience. So I asked about what I perceived as a conflict. And what I received was the messages have common ground. The cocoon-like integration space will help us be more aware of the new arising clues around us.

The one connection that I still don't understand is the connection between Peru and England. I have been working on the connections between Egypt and England for several years now. We have come to some pretty clear realizations. (I posted a lot of these realizations in prior posts and on our website). But the connection between England and Peru is a puzzle to me. We know the stones of Inca were brought here by beings from the stars. This is an ancient story that permeates most indigenous cultures of Earth. So maybe they also have a connection with England, the ancient pre-druid/celtic cultures there, and maybe even the Crop Circle phenomenal. In any case, we will be diligent on our journey to England to see what might arise for us to add to this new cycle of our lives.

The take away from all this is that humanity is being unleashed. Are you feeling it? Are you ready? Yes we are!

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