12 August 2016

Urgent Message to Ground Crew - Ley Lines - Thoth - Sirian High Council of Light - Anna Merkaba - 11 August 2016

As Anna Merkaba herself says, the first part of this message is for those who feel guided to participate. Although the second part is for everyone, please still tune nto your own divine guidance.

I would like to highlight what would seem like a statement in passing by Anna, which is this:

GAIA is shifting her vibrations along with all of us, or rather we are shifting our vibrations along with her, and this means that a lot is changing, the energies are changing and we need to attune to new energies

Mother Gaia is going through her own Ascension, hugely assisted by The Cosmos. Humanity as a collective needs to keep up with her. To me, this is key and it's also something that I've stressed in this blog over the past few years. This is Mother Gaia's show :)

One final note, which is a personal observation that I've been wanting to share for some time, but never seemed to find an appropriate opportunity until now. Over the past two decades and especially post-2012, I've come across several Atlantean Souls who carried much karmic miasma and energetic trauma. They were in great need of healing but were in denial - and I'm referring to the awakened community. This mission as outlined by Anna is indeed critical, and is most certainly one of the major phases that need to occur.

Greetings everyone! This message today is addressed mainly to those of you who are presently working with clearing of Ley lines. If you resonate with this message, then it is for you. Before I share the channeling that I have received from Thoth and The Sirian High Council of Light, I will first share with you the 2 sacred keys that they have brought into my awareness for me to download and bring forth for all of you to use at this time. I have commissioned a wonderful artist by the name of Kashif whom I work with closely in bringing these images that I receive to life for you, as I myself am not a graphic artist.

The first key is called “The Atlantean Seal of Ascension” and is to be used by those of you working on clearing the distorted energies that have been left in the human karma as a collective, from the times of Atlantis. In the channeling that you are about to hear they are referencing galactic crystals which are stashed somewhere underneath the ocean floor in the South Pacific Ocean. It is not clear whether these are actual physical crystals or etheric ones, but the energy which should help shift the human collective karma from the times of Atlantis is stored in that area.

The key you see here is to be used by the initiated ones who are working to release said energies in order to balance out the whole karmic debt of all that has been on earth at that time. I am told that you will know who you are and how to use this seal.

At the same time, I have also received another seal, and this one is more relative to everyone who is not only working with ley lines, but who suddenly finds themselves feeling very uncomfortable in their own home, in which they have felt very well before.

The reason, as I’m explained, is that right now not only are the stuck energies from the Atlanean times are clearing, but very recent stuck energies from the last 2,000 years, with high emphasis on the last 200 years are being transmuted.

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