23 August 2016

Virgo Activity Anchors Heaven on Earth ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 22 August 2016

Source: Meg Benedicte

We’re now moving into the Eclipse cycle and the unfolding events that will shift humanity into deeper levels of awareness and conscious living. Eclipses are known to open new doors and bring closure and completion to outdated situations. Have you noticed any new shifts in your life reality yet?

Since the 8-8 Lions Gate Activations, I’ve been grounding the new Crystal Pillar from the Great Central Sun into my energy field and living space. The crystal Light infusion is helping dissolve old backlash, counter-force, energy bombs and astral attacks that were still in my chakras/aura. It has been an intense time of purging and clearing the toxic energy from my field. On the flip side, the Crystal Pillar has neutralized so much polarity that my daily life is flowing smoothly and in divine ratio order. If you missed this Ascension Activation, you can work with the recording here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/newearthcentral/2016/08/08/8-8-lions-gate-global-activations

 In today’s astrology, the Sun enters Virgo at 12:39pm EDT, the earthly sign of service, health and analytical details. At the moment that the Sun moves into Virgo, the Aries Moon forms a trine with the Galactic Center, while Jupiter and Mercury in 27th degree Virgo form a square with the Galactic Center. With all this heightened focus zooming to the center of our galaxy, the Virgo Sun creates a ‘moment in time’ of extraordinary transformation.

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