14 September 2016

16 September Ascension Meditation: Coordinated Meditation by Prepare For Change

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I just saw this in my Inbox ~ please participate if you can! Thank you and Namaste :)

From Prepare For Change ~ Meditation

Thanks for being a member of Prepare for Change and helping raise the frequency of the planet with our regular synchronized meditations. In response to a message from Cobra regarding a global synchronized meditation, we are sending you this email in the hope that you will participate in opposing this energetic attack on us all.

The Chimera group has used the September 1st annular solar eclipse as a trigger to reopen a negative plasma portal through the Congo energy vortex.

We want to completely reverse this attempt to delay the Event!

We plan to take action with a coordinated meditation at the exact moment of the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th at 2:54PM EDT/11:54AM PDT/8:54PM Central Europe.

This time, let's unite in a powerful mandala to magnify the power of our combined meditation with the Tri-Spheres technique taught by the positive Dragons.

Meditation Preparation - Day 1

"Magnifying the Power of our Meditation with the
Tri-Spheres Technique"

Day 1 - Step 1

Connect in groups of threes, according to your sun signs.

••  So if you are a Leo, find an Aries and a Saggitarius to fill out your sphere---  There are 3 categories to the mandala.

•  Intention - those who hold the vision clearly.

•  Energy - those who have the power to amp up the energy
of the meditation.

•  Guardians - those who protect the meditation from
interference or attacks.

There are two ways to connect with your sphere:

•  Find the correct Facebook post on Cobra Etheric Liberation
and add yourself there.

•  Send and email to pfcmeditations@prepareforchange.net
stating your sun sign and chosen category.

Once you have chosen or been assigned to a sphere, begin getting to know the other two people in your category and sphere so we can work together with harmonized intent.

Coming Tomorrow:

Meditation Preparation - Step 2 

"The power of your freewill intention"

Let's make this meditation the best one we have ever done! It's time to combine our energy and push these trans-dimensional parasites back into the dot they came from. Just had to say that.

Thank you from the Prepare for Change Team