10 September 2016

3 Powerful Resources for Energy Healing ~ Judy Satori ~ 8 September 2016

I haven't looked into this yet, so I won't be able to provide any information about it. I'm posting this first because there's a deadline involved, and it's been sitting in my Inbox for two days already. I am aware that there's product marketing, so please do note that aspect and discern if this is for you.

I couldn't locate this message on Judy's sites (Judy Satori), I'm reproducing it in full. A final note ~ I don't even know if these are Judy's own energy transmissions!

Dear Friends,
I want to share special access to three powerful energy resources.
You already know that everything is energy - like thoughts, memories and even the light molecules on the screen you are looking at.
But they don't just happen TO you
...they also happen IN your energy field.
This is important because our bodies act like receiving and STORAGE stations of energy. Here's the problem: Unknowingly we can 'stash' these energies away.
What this means: Whether something happened 10 minutes or 10 years ago...this energy could be draining you RIGHT now!...like a 100lb backpack pulling you down, lowering joy and limiting possibilities.
Let go and you can 'Awaken' to the light, free and limitless person deep inside.
That's why I strongly recommend you check out these 3 FREE resources now:
  1. Your Personal Energy 'Awakening' Report
    (How your own personal energy 'fingerprint' works)

  2. Releasing the Energy of the Past
    (The #1 thing for a new start)

  3. 7 Energetic Steps to Happiness
    (How to get the #1 thing all of humankind searches for)
Gifts #2 and #3 won't be available after September 19th
I sincerely believe you'll enjoy these FREE gifts from Darius.
Love and blessings,
P.S. These tools are part of Season 12 of You Wealth Revolution's 'Awaken' summit. 1 million people from over 170 countries have attended this event over the last 6 years. I am excited to be back on the show this season. You can find out more information about it under Upcoming Events on my website.
You'll also get to experience 'hands-on' support and transformation using the next generation of quantum energy healing and energy medicine techniques.
It's a life changing, reality shifting - outrageous experience!
In a survey 94.2% of respondents said that with that through this event, "life got better!"
P.S.S. - Curious? Gifts #2 and #3 won't be around much longer: