23 September 2016

A Guide to Manifesting Change in the New Energy Paradigm ~ Stacy Vajta ~ 20 September 2016

 ** Text: The Universe is saying: "Allow me to flow through you unrestricted,
and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen." **

Source: Wake Up World

By Stacy Vajta

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Ok let’s face it; there are some folks out there who are amazing manifestors and there are some who, well… not so much. Yet when you have a goal or a vision for your life that you can feel deep into your bones, figuring out how to make it happen is paramount.

There’s a ton of information out there that makes manifesting sound simple, like “Align your vibration to what you wish to create and you are good to go.” Yet, for anyone who has struggled to create change – big, up-leveling change – you know that alignment has many layers to it, and is not always easy to come by.

Over the last 30 years in my transformational coaching practice, I’ve watched a lot of people learn how to manifest change. And, I’ve studied the subject intensely; working through my own struggles with creating my work and a thriving life. Here’s what I’ve come to understand: when it comes to the “new energy paradigm”, it’s really important to recognize that working in this new paradigm is not about leaving the planet, leaving your body, or working in the energy ‘out there’ — just the opposite.

When it comes to manifesting and creating personal and spiritual change, if you are not in your body and embodying – deeply, into your nervous system – the energies, ideas, aligned actions and constant levels of inner change necessary to physically hold and manifest that growth, you’ll pretty quickly struggle with the process.

It all sounds like a handful; yet in a way, there is some simplicity to it. When it comes to manifesting change here in the new energy paradigm, I focus on a few things to guide me through the process, and stay in the flow.

1. Manifest your life, not a thing.

There is absolutely a mindset change that needs to happen to “create” here in the new energy paradigm. Manifesting is more about creating a life, than simply manifesting a “thing.”

What you are actually doing is aligning to your Truth. You are aligning, and re-aligning again and again to whom you need to be, and how you are being asked to show up to more fully as that in your life. When you do that, you also align to the resources that support you.

Sure, there are still wants and needs out there, but if you set your sights on say a bigger income, or a new home, or a lifestyle change, you can bet that your work in creating that will be all about you aligning to, and working through, what within you needs to change to have the capacity to hold what you seek.

It’s not quite as simple as aligning to the vibration of ease and flow, or feeling the joy or driving that Mazerati. Yes, getting yourself in those vibes will feel great and open up some flow, but here, in the new energy paradigm, you are also being asked to grow.

Look deeper into the energy you must cultivate to draw in what you seek. How are you being asked to show up more fully… to be fully present and in charge of your life and what you need to live that life and thrive?
That’s the energy you want to anchor in and own like a boss. That vibe will be unique to you, and it will more easily assist you in your manifesting, because your Soul craves that vibe… it’s been asking for you to live as that.

2. Understand your style.

Not all of us manifests in the same way. We certainly have our unique gifts and talents, and our own brand of crazy that impacts how well we get out there and make things happen. I also think we have styles of manifesting that we lean toward.

I see it like this:

Manifestors are great at thinking about what they want, and bam… there it is. They are natural manifestors. The good news is, they are masters at creating. The bad news is, they can easily create things they don’t want if they aren’t conscious.

Pawns or Travelers tend to move about the board of life and get aligned to right people, right situations and right ideas in that way. They may move from place to place, jump from job to job and the like. There’s often the sense of, “I know this is coming… but I think I need to be here to make it happen.” And sometimes a much bigger life change needs to happen, to open up the flow for the other levels of the process.

Destiny creators tend to be following a laid out plan; a path. In my mind, they often need to work through the “growth piece” before they see the goods! And if a Destiny gets too far ahead, things unravel. Being OK where they are is often how they get back in the flow.

We all have bits and pieces of these styles within us, but from working with people across the years; it’s become clear that different people operate in different ways. So see where you tend to fall, style-wise. Perhaps recognizing your style will help you when what you seek doesn’t show up, so you can auto-correct.

3. Be clear on the energetic grids you work off.

This is the big one; where the new energy paradigm asks you to change-up how you operate. Change happens fast these days. It’s not about slogging through all the years of hurt and struggle and asking “why?”

Your work, especially when it comes to creating change and getting into a new energy is to recognize which energetic grid – and the level of information it holds – you are operating off, and change it when necessary.

Think of an energetic grid like a record. And the universe is like a big jukebox where you can play a record, and then change that up by picking another. (I know… stay with me here!) But every energy, thought, and concept has its own frequency.

Let’s say that frequency has its own record; it plays its frequency message not-stop. If you and your spirit somehow decided you’d use that record to help you figure out your life – you selected that one from the Universal jukebox – you’d lock on and listen to it over, and over and over. You’d use it as a reference point and work off it to understand your experience. Problem is, sometimes we pick crappy records, or energetic grids, to work off of – like struggle, lack, disempowerment and victimhood. Just to name a few.

Figuring out what grid you are using as a means of creating awareness, growth and manifesting can tell you a lot. Shifting onto a better one can change your life.

Here’s the other big piece: the grids you need to be connected to are unique to you. Remember, you are creating a life and learning how to fully show up for that life which then lines you up to the resources you need. So get quiet and seek out what your Soul believes is the grid you need to jump up to.

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