21 September 2016

A Small Fragment of Solara's September 2016 Surf Report

Source: The NVisble

September is a super intense month full of all types of energy. All month long we will be surfing Quantum Surf, so we better bring out the biggest surfboards we can find. We can either get tossed about by the Winds of Change or we can unfurl our sails and take advantage of the increased wind to make Quantum Leaps into our True Lives. We can choose to put our primary focus on pulling the threads of our beings out of the Tapestry of Duality and consciously weave them into the Tapestry of Oneness. This is important because where the thread of our being is located will greatly determine what we will experience.

September presents us with an open door to a world of new possibilities and great opportunities, but everything we choose to do must be chosen consciously because our decisions will determine where we will be aligned. Aligning with our True Purpose should be a priority so that all the choices and decisions we make at this time will help to consciously anchor the New Reality into the physical.

In September, we will be completing many bits and pieces of our old lives that need to be finished before we can make decisive steps into our True Lives. This releasing of the past will create the space which enables us to more fully anchor the New Reality within our daily lives. We will also see our expanded perceptions manifest on the physical in our outer lives and this will make us feel much more comfortable.

in August and continuing in September, some of us experienced strong and unexpected health challenges, such as we haven't had before. These health crises arrived suddenly, without any warning, and brought us to the frontier of Life and Death ~ to the place where the veils between the worlds are so thin that they are almost non existent.

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