06 September 2016

A Story from the Heart of the 22 Galaxies: Tara and the People of Mu ~ Judy Satori

This came via email ~ it appears in full below.

Quick reminder ~ Gaia was 7D before she descended as Tara (Terra) in 5D, and is now Earth in 3D.

"In the beginning was the word, and the word was Light." Judy brings us this perspective of our ancient past, based on the Precession Cycles with each cycle representing one "season" ~ Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, Winter. Within each 26,000-year Precession Cycle are their own sub-"seasons" Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, Winter.

We are currently leaving the Winter sub-season of the Winter Precession Cycle. This is like double-darkness, the Winter of the Great Winter. This way of looking at the cycles was fascinating to me, and immediately, I could see why we had to endure the darkest of the Dark Times. Add to that the Kali Yuga, and it's painfully obvious how disconnected from Source we've become and how far we have strayed from the Light.

However, Spring follows Winter for sure. And this is the Golden Age (Satya Yuga) we must now help to manifest. A beautiful re-telling of our history by Judy Satori, which also draws upon "Sunshine Before the Dawn". My personal opinion of this book is that it contains tons of activations throughout the different pivotal points ~ it is certainly one of  my favourite books to read.

Judy also incorporates a beautiful Light Activation towards the end of the recording.

I'm incorporating some notes at the end of the post, for reference.

A Story from the Heart of the 22 Galaxies...
Tara and the People of Mu

Dear Friends,
I was asked to record this information before I left for the USA in April, but it is only now that the time is right to share it with you.
This story comes to us from a Star Council of New Creation at the heart of
22 galaxies. These galaxies, that are part of what Scientists call the Local Group, are strung together in a gigantic diamond shaped configuration in the cosmos.
The audio recording below is about the Earth when it was a fifth
dimensional planet called Tara and how and why Tara became
a third dimensional planet called Earth.
This story is also about US, as we were when we decided to let go of our Siriun, Pleiadian or Lyran body to begin a cycle of incarnations on Earth. Most of you reading these words have been here on Earth for a very long time, probably hundreds of lifetimes, just so you can be here NOW, at this special time of new beginning for Earth and for Earth's peoples.
When you first came to Earth, you probably incarnated in the civilizations of Atlantis or Mu, Lemuria. Both were colonies started on Earth by the Star Nations within the 12 dimensions of what is called the lower heavenly worlds within our Milky Way Galaxy.
The Milky Way Galaxy is one of the 22 galaxies of the multi-galactic diamond. In the past, the ascension energy coming to Earth from the heart center of the Milky Way has been strong, but the energy emanating from the heart center of the multi-galactic diamond is now streaming to Earth. It is much stronger and more powerful and is creating accelerated ascension changes for the Earth and all of us.
It is been a challenging few months for most people as we open to these energies, but from September the energy coming to Earth and affecting us will feel more positive and uplifting. It will begin to usher us down a new path. We will be able to integrate, attract and express a higher octave of energy and potential. New opportunities will open.
A process of REGENESIS, of new beginning, is shortly to begin for all of us.
The energies coming to Earth are getting ever stronger and Spirit now request that this story to be told and fully understood. We are here for a purpose
and this purpose will soon become clear.
As you know I am in Ladakh, northern India. I am here for my own process of regenesis so that I can do the work better and be prepared by Spirit to transmit the information and energy that is to come.
I wish you all well and hope you enjoy this story.
Blessings and love,
Please listen to the mp3 here.

  • Precessional Cycles of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, with sub-seasons in each cycle. We are leaving the Winter sub-season of the Winter Precession Cycle
  • Feeder lines of Light called Axiatonal Lines with entry through Acupuncture points of body. These were cut off from Light energy and higher information to prevent misuse during the dark times
  • We are entering the Spring Precession Cycle now. We are also starting a new 100,000-year cycle, from the time the new Hu-man was introduced
  • Guardians of Divine Knowledge and legacy who originated from the Stars had to incarnate continuously on Earth, safekeeping what they were encoded and entrusted with until the "right" time, which is now. They are serving a Greater Plan, one that leads to a blossoming of Light
  • Increasing Light Codes and energies coming from Great Central Sun
  • 2016 is the time of lift-off, having gone through all the preparations that lead to this time
  • Water, Fire, Earth and Air cycles ~ their qualities also affect Life upon Earth; 2013, 2014, 2015 were Water, Fire and Earth cycles, respectively. 2016 is the Air taking off, flying into the New
  • Now is the time to spark DNA upgrades to Humanity
  • Mother Earth heals, feeds and uplifts us, and our energies also affect her
  • Annunaki consciousness led to 5D Tara descending to 3D Earth (I have also read versions where Tara herself lowered her frequencies in order to match the fall of vibrations that was occurring, in order to enable her inhabitants to continue living and surviving)
  • "Tara", which is the Earth Mother, is also the Goddess Tara ~ White Tara (Wisdom and knowingness), Green Tara (healing), Gold Tara
  • Elohim decided to do something to redeem the situation, introduced a new species of Man ~ Hu-Man; created with 12 strands to correspond with all 12 dimensions in this Galaxy; Pineal Gland crystalline chip to receive and transmit; capability to express love and compassion; capacity to communicate well ~ as detailed in Sunshine Before the Dawn
  • Many Star Souls decided to come here to play our part in the Greater Divine Plan of evolution
  • Now is the time to remember the truth of where we came from, and why we are here. Each of us has to be ready to play our part, which we know from our Soul-level
  • We are here to bring back Light, Love, Unity and Peace of conscious creation. We are here to set the Galactic and Multi-Galactic templates for this new Spring.