20 September 2016

Alex Collier 15th and 16th Webinars: Some Highlights

The following are just a few highlights from Alex Collier's 15th and 16th webinars which I feel are important to share. Of course, there's so much more in the webinars themselves, you can rent or purchase them on Alex's website here.

Alex reports that we are transitioning the upper third and lower fourth dimensions now, with the latter being a very ugly and dark place. Others like Simon Parkes and Cobra have also confirmed the nature of the lower 4th. As Simon has said, we don't need to dwell in 4D for long, because 3D is modelled after 4D. We only need to pass through the 4th before entering the 5th. Alex advises us to stay in the energies of Love and Unconditional Compassion during this period since we are traversing this negative energy band, which he calls a "ghetto".

Once we get through to 5D, it's Game Over for them.

We are receiving so much intervention from the Benevolents now, they are very focused on helping us make it through this transition but have no intention to babysit us. We need to, each one of us, step up to the plate and empower ourselves.

Many are now having dreams about engaging with ETs, learning in a classroom, etc ~ they are out-of-body experiences but we can't remember details upon waking up. We are being mentored and given information and tools that we need in order to know what's really happening as we go forward; the trigger is through events (experiences). We're being acclimatised for when Contact occurs which includes getting used to their presence, frequencies and energies. They are also studying us at the same time. This prepares us for our own leadership and mentoring roles when the time comes.

In early 2000s, Alex shared that the As and other Benevolents had talked about giving all of Humanity the same dream. This is still a potential outcome, but it can't happen yet because there's not enough info for group leaders to fall back on, so now we are being trained first. The Benevolents also want to ensure that we won't fall into worship with this preparation ~ they want to engage with us as equals. (Andrew Bartzis has said that the moment of The Event will be upon us when the adults share the same deja vu, and when the children share the same dream.)

Alex also confirmed what Simon has reported earlier, that the negatives' attempt at using Cern to open up a portal failed. (However, Simon has said that they did manage to open up a tiny crack, enough to send communications through.) Alex then said that since they couldn't open up portals, they sent for reinforcements instead. (I cannot be sure, but perhaps this has to do with Cobra's report that the Chimera had succeeded in reopening a negative plasma portal through the Congo energy vortex on 1st September. Alex has also acknowledged an increase in psychic attack in the recent weeks.)

Alex stresses that Mother Gaia is moving inexorably onwards to 5D, and she has communicated this decision to Humanity. Like many others, Alex echoes the call for Humanity to choose to align with her.

There are also updates about the effects of Nibiru on our Solar System ~ the outer Planets are now experiencing a 6-degree tilt, and Earth will tilt a bit more but no pole shift. There will be global disturbances but the Benevolents are doing whatever they can to help the situation.

(The topic of Nibiru ~ and everything else it is known by ~ is obviously far hotter than a potato on fire. Just use your inner guidance and take what resonates.)