30 September 2016

Alex Collier 17th Webinar, 23 September 2016: A Few Highlights

JayPee had uploaded an extract of this webinar where Alex Collier read out some guidance given to him from Moraney in 1995, which I posted before this. You can access the video or read the transcript here.

In this 17th webinar, Alex Collier discussed a couple of points which I feel is important to share. You can rent or purchase this video on demand on Vimeo here.

Alex reports that there are incredible amounts of high energies flooding the Planet; at the same time, the Benevolents are getting closer and closer as they head towards Earth. This is causing great panic with the Cabal. In Alex's words, they are "shitting a brick" because the "chickens are coming home to roost". They are now backed into a corner, a situation that the Orion group haven't faced in 2.5 million years, and for the Reptilians, 800 000 years. They are turning against each other in desperation and Alex believes the situation will implode from the inside.

Alex had in the previous webinar explained that we are being mentored in dream-state (for reasons already mentioned, and which I posted). While we may not recall any details now, we will when the time comes. This will be triggered by a specific "event" or a harmonic frequency (I will use the term "The Event"), and when this occurs, our Planet will ring that frequency like a bell that triggers memory recall and people will then know what to do, as per their mentoring. Alex had clarified that this would be a high frequency, and I actually believe that the high-pitched frequency(ies) that we are hearing now could be part of that "package", like some sort of preparation or pre-cursor.

He also confirmed what "The Event-ers" (or "The Wave-rs", "The Pulse-rs" or "The Sneeze-rs") have known ~ that this specific event or harmonic frequency will "flip everything" and will be beneficial for the Planet and Humanity. Alex states, "That future will be magnificent for Humanity."

We are also reminded by Alex that we need to stay focused in our Lightwork, to hold the Light strong and steady in the coming months ahead. He urges us not to do the job of the Regressives for them by lowering our vibrations, fighting each other and being divisive. Now is the time to intensify our spiritual work and keep our frequencies high.