04 September 2016

Aspirational Menses Surface (Re-posted) ~ Gaia Portal ~ 3 September 2016

**Update: I'm re-posting this with additional comments.

Thank you to those who came with the suggestion that this update refers to a releasing or letting go of things that are old or no longer serve our purpose.

I've made myself take another look at it, and would like to offer this suggestion, to add to that above.

I feel that it can also refer to plans or intentions that were in the pipeline that may not necessarily serve a higher purpose or even could be detrimental to the Planet and her Humanity. And I'm thinking specifically of plans by the negatives.

Perhaps the energies of Mother Gaia at the moment cannot provide a fertile ground for these negative plans to take root, so to speak. They are simply not supported, and therefore cannot take hold ~ they are simply washed away without being able to germinate, or grow in any way.

As always, my opinion only :)


I'm absolutely baffled with the first line.....

Source: Gaia Portal

Aspirational menses surface.
Reliables are uploaded.
Tallification of Energetics begins.
Streams are cleared.