26 September 2016

Connecting Consciousness: Simon Parkes ~ 18 September 2016

You can listen to the show here, it's only 62-minutes this week.

Highlights of some of the topics Simon covered: (Text in ochre are my comments)
  • Simon has (had, hopefully) kidney stones and requested for healing from listeners by visualising the stones being broken up
  • Acknowledges that it's a "demanding time for everybody"; he'll be taking a 2-week break
  • Hillary: it was a body double who emerged from Chelsea's apartment, and also out of the vehicle after the stumble; the one on the airplane is an un-souled clone, which is a significant development. (Simon had previously informed that Hillary hadn't consented to the clone receiving her Soul because she knows that it would be the end for her.)
  • The following potential was discussed at high levels ~ the world would be told of Hillary's  ill-health, which would mean she won't be fit to run. Since there's insufficient time to appoint a replacement, the election would be postponed and Obama would stay on a bit longer. The status quo political arm are determined to keep Trump out, because he's backed by the military
  • Norad's old Cheyenne underground base was fitted to protect against very real possibility of EMP pulses
  • White beams from ships are non-disruptive scanners; red are X-ray-like; very light blue/violet are tractor beams; blue beams bathe groups to mind-blank them eg in UFO sightings. Many beams are used to perform analysis or create stable portals
  • 10 Eton students held private talks with Putin at end August, this is not the first time such a thing has taken place, it's quite normal for potential leaders who usually come from Cambridge, Oxford, Eton
  • Explosions at certain locations are like "drip-drip" exercises to build peoples' minds to expect the big agenda for terrorism
  • Chipping is still on the agenda because it's cheapest and easiest. May be done through Fake Alien Invasion agenda by showing aliens who look like your next-door neighbours, therefore people have to be chipped so that they can be scanned to verify that they are human. Chipping could be carried out through threat of major virus outbreak.

@ 24:44-minutes
  • We can look at survival of USA from the financial or military perspective; backers of Hillary (financial) do not support Biden but the military does; China and its supporters do not accept Obama, but they do understand the military. There are high-ranking generals who do not condone genocides so they are a possible option to be at the front
  • Bill Clinton did disappear to an island, there are bounties on some of these people (as reported by some sources such as Fulford; Cobra has said that there are also bounties placed upon major Lightworkers)
  • Entrapment of Souls in objects such as rocks eg. Boriska, the Russian boy from Mars ~ only Source has the right to decide what to do with Souls but some beings do commit this act under pretext of free will although it's a Universal offence. However, Simon suggests that perhaps instead of a rock, it could have been a crystalline object connected to AI. Reptilians and some Greys (on behalf of Reptilians) would do this, especially if that particular Soul is a threat to them
  • Hybridisation of Souls? Consciousness is the ability to think, feel, communicate, live and learn while Soul is the embodiment of that Consciousness. Soul splicing can occur, but only with joint agreement. The physical body must be engineered to appeal to the Soul but in rare cases a "mismatch" can occur eg. Pleiadian Soul in Reptilian body. Simon had existed before in Agarthan, Mantid and Reptilian bodies
  • India will be the new China; it has the ability to outstrip China in terms of energy, creational force and scale of cost. Its approach is more small-scaled and the people have the ability and independent resources to sustain themselves through economic downturn.
 @ 45:20-minutes
  • The energy intent of our conscious life can be projected in that form in the Astral realms eg. someone can project/render himself as an elephant in that realm
  • Triple 6 ~ a 4D symbolic representation of evil and dark energy force that can be used to overlay the natural energies of the Planet. Simon advises not to research this too much unless the person is protected; the street number of the architect company that drew the plans for Twin Towers was triple 6 ~ the towers were already destined to be destroyed even before they were built. Vatican, some of political and banking world and super elites would use such symbols. These attempts are meant to infiltrate and debase natural energies, eg. when someone (like a native) gives thanks to the water, his accolade will be "harvested" (my term) by corrupting the water with dark symbolism. The sooner the Human race evolves, the sooner we'll be free of such corruptions
  • Banking reset is not the end of money, it's a readjustment (halfway house) where some debt will be removed and at the same time evolve more consciously. Simon doesn't think that it will go from 0 - 60; money has been so pivotal on this Planet that a more tapered approach would work better rather than to go from a money-based society on Monday to one that's money-less on Tuesday.