06 September 2016

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 4 September 2016

** Updated with notes below. Not all topics discussed are included **

I'm posting this first, I've just heard a few minutes ~ I have so much on my plate at the moment, I don't know when I can get to it. I'll re-post with notes (much) later.

For those who are interested, this is the interview that Simon was referring to at the beginning. It was with Kerry Cassidy, I have heard it but haven't posted. Please know that in this interview, Simon alerts people to some potential upheavals coming up, but stresses repeatedly that this is not about fear ~ it is about being prepared with water, food and essentials during the time of economic instability. Please do not be alarmed by the title of the video and the description.


(My own comments in blue)
  • “We have a fighting chance to counter balance all the lies and deception”
  • Simon had predicted that October would be the month to watch, but it's looking like things are already set in motion, with pressure being exerted on Germany to play the Cabal card, only to be met with resistance
  • Simon will be speaking at a conference in Kings Heath, Birmingham on 17 September, tickets at ten pounds. 

@ 18-minutes
  • Frequency “machine” being used on sleeping population to send messages/instructions for certain acts to be enacted at specific times. Many are having disturbed or interrupted sleep, and this could be the cause. These frequencies influences the mind and brain waves. Simon repeats that there's an ongoing war for hearts and minds of people, and this is just one way being used to that end
  • (However, there are also the increasing frequencies and intensity of the transformational energies streaming in from beyond the Central Sun, and these can also be disruptive to our sleep cycle.)
  • Who created Source? Maybe Pure Consciousness is self-creating, this is Simon's best guess, he doesn't have an answer (This brings to mind the El Ser Uno “The One Being” concept, where each collective is in its Creator Being, and that Creator Being is the collective within another higher Creator Being, and so on....)
  • Soul trap is still operating, going to the Light has been strongly programmed by media
  • Grid is still there, Simon insists it's not down (Alex Collier has said it's been taken down). However, there are holes/cracks already appearing. (This is also what Cobra has reported ~ the cracks started showing in mid-July after much clearing of the toplet bombs, resulting in a fall below the critical level)
  • Increasing suicides and “mental health conditions” ~ many people are having to choose their path. Their Souls are forcing the issue so that people are pressed to make a choice. As Planet advances, she wants to take as many with her. Many people no longer connect with the outside world, and there is a sense of hopelessness and feeling trapped, which could lead to in increase in suicides
  • (Alex Collier has mentioned that we are now entering the lower 4D realms, which is very negative. This exacerbates the emotional and mental conditions.)
  • Simon reiterates that 4D contains more bad than good, and reminds us that 3D is modelled upon 4D (rules, rituals) so therefore we don't need to stay for long in 4D. We only need to pass through this dimension and move on to 5D
  • “We will move through 4th, indeed we are doing so now. We'll just traverse it.” So yes, we are indeed experiencing 4D effects
  • “People in Black” (both genders) can be Human/Hybrid (very psychic) and Non-Humans (look like the Michelin Man, immune to most forms of attacks, like zombies)
  • Gender issues: When a Soul is created, it chooses to be Male or Female. But throughout its many incarnations, factors can influence its expression. Eg. Male Soul in male body goes to Feminine Sirius, and he will be influenced by the Female energies. On the other hand, if a Female Soul with a mission incarnates on Earth (dominated by Masculine energies), she will realise that her mission will be completed faster if she had been Male. The important thing is to be happy and confident in their expressions
  • Kryon via Lee Carroll has explained this before, eg. if a Soul who has been predominantly Male in previous incarnations but is now a female, the Soul will still have Male tendencies and this can be expressed as homosexual qualities and vice versa. 
@ 47-minutes
  • Referring to an earlier Ammach interview ~ a “shepherd” is someone who comes into connection with another and helps them out of 3D and into 5D
  • Technically, Humans are not the first race on Earth, the Djinns are one of the species that hold that distinction. (Sasquatch tells us: “These previous species of hybrids were in chronological succession: the Fish-People, the Ant-People, the Lizard-People, the Bird-People, my Sasquatch-People and finally your Human-People.” http://www.psychicsasquatch.com/homepage/sasquatch-message-to-humanity/sasquatch-message-to-humanity/)
  • However, a strong bond had developed between the Planet and Humans, and she fell in love with the Human Race, intending to take them along with her on her Ascension. We need to show our gratitude towards the Planet
  • Jews are not the “Chosen Race”, Humans are! But only if Humanity chooses to give it a go (at positive evolution)
  • Re. Nibiru's gravitational field ~ Let's not create the manifestation of a 300-ft wave. Simon agrees that there will be disturbances but agrees that it won't be the end of the world, the impact will be minimal. He also said that its orbit has been stalled for now (what Alex Collier says too, but recently he reported that it has resumed its course) and when it starts up again, the trajectory will be altered to avoid causing catastrophe. Simon is more concerned about crazy humans creating disasters
  • Those who believe they have been given psychic blocks or implants can go to psychic healer to have a full body scan and have them taken out in the right sequence.
  • Ancient female pilot filmed on the moon by astronaut William Rutledge, is this a hoax? (named Mona Lisa by media)
  • Simon isn't sure about this incident, but acknowledges that astronauts do know about life existing on the Moon as well as Mars. Bases named “Adam” and “Eve” have been built to populate both places
  • Portions of Lemurian and Atlantean population went underground to Agartha, forming one Consciousness and one people. They wish to now resurface to help Humanity
  • Chakras ~ should we expunge them to enable connection with Source? Chakras are like antennae working in sequence, with Crown Chakra receiving communication from Source. However, negative energies can also interfere via Chakras, so Simon advises to protect and strengthen them
  • Religious “gods” are not necessarily the same being, they can be different ETs; some religious elders are aware that their “gods” are ETs
  • Simon feels he is now adequately protected by Shungite sent to him from various people
  • Hillary is new money supported by status quo like politicians, media, business; Trump is supported by Military Industrial Complex
  • Hillary has a clone but she hasn't agreed to her Soul to be taken out of her body and into the clone, her Draconis part is also breaking down ~ all this causing her huge distress.
  • Argentina's role? One of key locations of Black Goo is off Argentina, which is major reason UK went to war with it, sealing off facility where Black Goo was being manipulated. Argentina is again seeking independence; chemtrailing has resumed because the people's consciousness is beginning to outstrip the control element. Situation in Venezuela is near point of collapse, many countries in South America looking to detach from USA
  • Satanism ~ how can we tell we're not unconsciously taking part in it? This energy is based on 4D and actually has no name (it cannot be labelled) but has a particular “feel” to it. If we do something based on Divine Source energies, there's no Satanic link to it. But if we do something from some sort of programming, conditioning or mind-controlled, then its connected with a Satanic force. It's some controlling force that draws people in to its negative energy, which is why it's imperative that we raise our frequencies and ascend because then we'll leave this behind
  • Questioner used to have dogs but now feels terrified of them, and sometimes is in tears. Is it possible that we can have negative connection with animals? Simon offers that sometimes such experiences can stem from past connections with Canis (for example), memories which were previously repressed/suppressed but are now resurfacing
  • Eye colour ~ Humans have been identified and graded by the controllers by colour of eyes. Black/red hair with green eyes ~ indicates ideal partner-in-business; Blonde hair with blue eyes ~ targetted for satanic abuse ; Black hair with brown eyes ~ considered quite important; Red hair with green eyes ~ ancient connection going back in time, magical energy connection with planetary ancestry but hooked into power structure; Black hair with green eyes ~ not so far back.
  • Sirius Minerals mining polyhalite is owned by JP Morgan; potential to control world's largest production of fertiliser and therefore able to manipulate food production and therefore governments.