27 September 2016

Dragon Portal Initiation ~ Cobra ~ 26 September 2016

** UPDATE(S) **
I had to enlist the help of a very dear friend to help me translate the Chinese characters. For my non-Chinese speaking readers ~ the main characters in the third image means "east garden", or east wing of the building. The lower characters may refer to the dawn of Light or facing the Light, a time of splendor. The paintings in the last picture have to do with the Laws of Nature and how they govern Life, how the Universe was created, perhaps also the creation of Souls. This is likely based on ancient Tao philosophy.

Thank you so very much, dear Jenny!!

PS. I forgot to mention that the tags on this update are very telling.....Agartha Network, Blue Dragons, Compression Breakthrough, TA-O.....


This update from Cobra consists of five seemingly innocuous-looking photos, without any text. There's an intriguing puzzle there to be solved.....

Please head over to The Portal for the rest of the images.

This encouraging report also appeared on the same day:
EXMOSS clear matter sequence in progress