17 September 2016

Effect of Time on Consciousness ~ Stephanie South ~ 16 September 2016

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey: Lunar eclipse. 49 days remaining in 812 day cycle of solar consciousness.

The following document was created by Tim Tussing, Kin 30 and Yazz, Kin 17 based on works of Jose Arguelles, Kin 11. Please spread this key information.

Time, Calendar and Consciousness

Our consciousness and society are profoundly affected by the calendar that we use.

Time is the atmosphere of the mind. We perceive time with our minds, not with any of the five basic senses. A calendar is an artificial construct whose primary purpose is to keep track of time, most commonly to keep track of the passing of days. Because time is mentally perceived, the calendar we use creates constructs of the mind. Hence, the way we keep track of the passing of days creates constructs of consciousness within the society that is largely coordinated by its calendar.

Our minds our cramped and constipated by living within artificial and erroneous time constructs, in particular, the 12-month calendar and the 60-minute clock.

These artificial time constructs have little to no relevance to any natural cycles. They interrupt the natural, intuitive flow of consciousness, with glitches in the operating system, such as not knowing the day of the week while knowing the day of the month, and not being able to calculate weeks according to months. For example, you may know it is Friday July 22, but do you know what day of the week August 22nd will be?

Calendars are instruments of control.

Those who created the calendar were those who maintained control over their society, for the people depended on the calendar keepers for their most basic needs, such as knowing planting times for agriculture. Anything that a people relies on for its essential needs can easily become an instrument of societal control.

And calendars are programming devices.

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