23 September 2016

Equinox Love, Physical Body Upgrades, Your Dreams & Desires ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 22 September 2016

This came via email; Lisa's website is Awakening to Remembering.

Aloha beautiful beLOVED Light Family,

This newsletter is one of the ways that I offer support to all who take utilize and appreciate this. It's an honor to share, inspire, activate and assist in so many different ways.... It's also heart-warming to have you guys as a part of my own extended family here. Everything we all DO... it's so very important... especially when you are honoring you and what you need, feeding your soul/spirit, nurturing and loving your body while it goes through these huge re-configuration processes and observing your own realities to understand more....

Today, the Equinox.... a marker point in our evolution of expanded consciousness here. A marker point for all we accomplished/done and just the beginning for all that we all shall continue to BE/Achieve together and individually, as a part of the whole... NEW Earth.... the physical place where all dimensions merge/culminate into one... a place where the old programs don't hold power, have validity, barely exists, except to pop up from time to time to show us that others still live in those realities, so that we know where to focus our energy in shifting the timelines for all into new/higher consciousness ones.

Yes, we can focus and just shift them. We can see what's out of alignment and energetically clear that timeline, activate a new one, focus our energy on collapsing and replacing realities... with the ones fully in-alignment with higher consciousness. Our abilities are vast and they go beyond the physical limits.... each of us an integral part of our existence now.

Each has important purposes and contributing roles.... cultivating your gifts, sharing your heart and soul, anchoring your own dreams here so that more can in-joy this too.... you did not come here to do without, live in lack, be small in any way.... Yet each one of us do have to go through the processes that teach us/show us/help us remember how all works... how unity consciousness works, how selflessness works, how human lack works, how PURITY works.....

Where we come from matters.... the desires we have.... where we focus our energy, what we allow, what subconscious programs we have running... why we do things...

Our human aspect does not understand that all is visible... These frequencies give all telepathic (energetic) communication... to hear/see/feel all energetically, to know that which is not audible/visible to the human aspect, because they do not live/exist through their field of conspicuousness/senses... yet....

Our Evolution is expediting... in every moment now... The old unconscious realities move further into collapse mode, will get more bizarre, for that is now the lucid dream... our NEW Earth REALities stable, for we hold the foundation for our new civilization in place.

There are many still transitioning in the physical, crossing over to come to exist fully in these higher frequencies now. As each holds more light, exists as a PURE SOUL occupying a continuously upgrading Crystalline LightBody Structure, our new realities transmitted through our new gridwork and fields continually anchor in.

Many are experiencing the intensity of the physical reality and physical body re-calibrations to move out of the old and into the new. This is a very important part of all of our processes, as everything was in the body and all physical realities are held in the body too. Holding higher light inside, our bodies must continually lighten, reconfigure, adapt to these huge light quotients. Each of us in different phases, so we are upgrading differently according to this, yet it does not change the magnitude of increasing expedited upgrades that will continue. The difference is, we might go through it, yet it's greatly welcomed and we embrace it with gratitude... as a long awaited achievement, it doesn't interfere anymore, for we flow with it all and our LightBodies carry us through. Because we honor them, assist them, support them.... they do the same in return while simultaneously upgrading intently so that we can experience more awesomeness here.

WE HAVE Achieved so very much. WE have anchored Heaven on Earth... in our physical here. 'We've gone through the bizarreness of photonic light merging our realities. This is a profound experience for all who are choosing, allowing, honoring and open to the magnificence that is available to all embracing fully.

We pass through this marker point... as a soul/star family here. As gridpoints all over this earth, star system... Holding the NEW Realities in place... for us all... Keep shining your light, sharing your love, guiding those around you (without imposing), being the one/the WayShower that steps up and requires all around you do too.... YOU ARE the one that makes the difference. First it's little things, then bigger ones, then the huge ones.... When you really really really desire it with your entire being, which activates your own determination, your openness, your readiness and focus on your own NEW Earth Existence and dreams that inspire, lift, elevate the consciousness of all. Your commitment to let the old realities go/dissolve is just as important.... for as you do, the new replaces it....

Happy everything loves! Honor your processes, your journey, your body, you... know that all you dream and desire, waits to materialize for you. Know that there is an existence, full of abundance, amazingness, brilliance and magic... beyond the old human one of limits, lack and believed constraints. You DO this from inside of you, with your ENTIRE BEing.... you believe, you open up, you embrace, you desire... You make it happen through your inner connection and your expanded field of consciousness.

I love you! See many of you for our special Equinox Group session in one hour!!!!! ♥

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