15 September 2016

Intense Eclipse Energetic Upgrades Occurring! - Meg Benedicte - 14 September 2016

Source: Meg Benedicte

Coming this Friday, September 16th will be the final event of the eclipse season, a Total Lunar Eclipse at 24º Pisces. Full Moons are powerful ‘course correctors’ that provide new solutions to outworn situations. Since August 18th, we’ve been moving through an intense global upgrade that culminates with 3 eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn-Neptune square and the annual Equinox on Sept. 22nd. Just one of these events is life-altering, so you can imagine the evolutionary impact while this is happening all at once.

These cosmic events represent threshold points— creating powerful shifts from one phase of your life to the next. Passing through an Ascension threshold can create instability and anxiety, as your entire being adjusts to the heightened Light activations. You may experience additional physical/mental/emotional symptoms due to extreme changes in your electromagnetic field. I’ve been experiencing deep fatigue, nerve twitches, allergies, inflammation and hot sweats during this detox/upgrade phase. My body needs more sleep and rest to adapt to the incoming crystallized Light.

As Mercury completes its retrograde cycle the same day as the Equinox on September 22nd, you may have vivid dreams, visions, memory flashbacks or new insights that resolve and heal old wounds, clear away emotional pain/hurt, or provide clarity into soul purpose and karmic history. Take this time to embrace the healing and clearing, supporting the body’s adjustments to metabolize crystal Light. Open your heart with more forgiveness and disengage from emotional enslavement. Set yourself free from ‘low vibration’ people, places and social entertainments.

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