10 September 2016

Keep On Keeping On: Part 2

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It's taken quite a long while for me to get to Part 2....I've been very pre-occupied with family matters. That's the 3D reason, anyway :)  

There is also another reason why Part 2 had to take so long before I could get to it. I had to receive a small piece of information first so that I could include it in this post. I'll get to that in a while, but first I would like to talk about something that I believe many others are also "getting".

Just the other day, as I looked at the things around me, it seemed that the objects appeared less solid. I felt into the sensation, and it was as if the material world is getting less "permanent". When I "looked" closely, the mirage-like "shimmers" of objects appeared to fluctuate more than usual. I got that the vibrations are sufficiently high enough now that we are beginning to traverse 4D. Later on, I listened to bits and pieces of Alex Collier's webinar, and he said the same thing! (I will post some highlights later on.)

In my daily morning meditation, I visualise myself in a pyramid. I then call in Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Blessings, filling up the entire pyramid and engulfing myself in Divine energies. Two days ago while doing this, I found myself including "Divine Blueprint" to the list. This was so unexpected that I actually stopped for a while to tune into it. Of course, it made perfect sense ~ we are re-engineering our physicality back to wholeness, back to the original template, the Divine Blueprint. I had actually forgotten to include it since then, but thankfully remembered it for this post.

In a way, this post is very much that ~ reminders to myself to help me stay the course and keep on keeping on, given that everything is so chaotic right now with countless distractions everywhere we look, and things happening at tachyon speed seemingly all at once. I hope you find this post beneficial as well. And yes, it will get long, seeing as I have much to remind myself :)

Several years ago, while I was still following the teachings of Tobias from Crimson Circle before he left to walk-in into a physical body, we were presented with a choice. We were asked to choose how we were going to navigate the way forward in the Ascension process ~ the easy way, or the hard way. I chose easy, obviously! But with "easy" came a long process which is actually very many smaller processes that we would have to work on. A lot of inner work but the going would be less challenging. One of the first things we had to do was to examine our numerous belief systems, identify which ones actually impeded our real spiritual growth and consciously release them. Many of us discovered that almost ALL our belief systems were less than truly authentic. You won't believe how much releasing we had to do, and how hard Tobias had to cajole us to release, release, release.

I recall this because, 16 years on, there are even more belief systems than there were then. With the Ascension process becoming more widely-known now, countless new belief systems have mushroomed over the years ~ Chakras (open them or deactivate them?), meditation (is it a trap?), Source / Creator, channelling, Archangels, ETs, Higher Beings, Archons and on and on and on. Belief systems also spring up regarding mere words, with "Ascension" and "Light" (and all its derivatives including "Lightworker") being major no-no's to many. The only way we can save ourselves from being over-buoyed by these unending torrents of beliefs is to find our own centre and seek what is Truth for us. Truth is multi-layered, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. Seek our own Truth and we will be able to remove ourselves from being thrown about in the sea of others' belief systems. I would specifically suggest that we start using the word "Ascension" more and more, because no matter how many different ways people come up with to describe what's happening, it's Ascension, pure and simple, period. Don't be afraid of the word, release the belief that Ascension is to do with religion. We are ascending ~ you, me, all on board with Mother Gaia's own Ascension. Admittedly, I may be biased because my blog is Ascension-related, but there you go :)

While I will intentionally avoid the subject of food and diet, I will certainly mention water. Dr Masaru Emoto has performed such a huge service to Humanity with his water crystals experiments ~ we must not let his fine work go to waste. We can restructure water easily without costing us a single cent. There's a plethora of ways we can do this, and one of the simplest is to just bless our water before drinking. As long as most of the water we consume is re-energised or re-structured in some way, we are greatly helping our physical bodies as they go through their transition.

The energies pouring in from beyond the Galactic Centre needs to easily assimilate in our cells, and we must do all we can to facilitate this process by again remembering the good doctor's work. Being mostly water, we can energise our very own cells by the same principle ~ blessing our bodies or sending out high vibes of Love to each and every single cell.

We are taking our physical bodies with us, and we know from our Ascension symptoms that our physical bodies are going through many huge cycles of transformations. By thanking them and being grateful for the biological miracles that are occurring, we can definitely make a difference. In my meditation, I state that "....my body is in alignment and harmony" with the Ascension process so that it can transform with ease and grace.

With all that wild thumping going on, our Heart/High Heart/Thymus Centre is getting stronger with each day. We get to the higher dimensions via the Heart, not Mind, so we also need to send much Love and Light to this area in our body. We can facilitate this process by allowing our hearts to open up and to receive these high frequency energies. If you have a Cintamani, it may be helpful to place it on this area while meditating. If not, just place your hand over this area and consciously acknowledge it.

One very common situation I find with people I try to help is that they are willing to do very many things, spend a good sum of money attending courses and/or follow many different (and differing) guides. They do all this but still find themselves stuck, stagnant or simply caught in a cycle that takes them nowhere. They feel lost and can't seem to find their way. In all such cases, I only have one main suggestion to offer them ~ to connect with their own Divinity, something that I have harped upon repeatedly in this blog. If I didn't have this connection to my Divinity, I would feel hopelessly lost and unable to find my own inner compass. I've always felt that before we even embark on any spiritual course or method, being connected to our Divinity is an absolute pre-requisite. Ultimately, we need to know (or at least have a sense of) Who We Really Are before we go off to be influenced by another's teachings.

At the end of the day, all that I've written is based on what works for me....none of it may work for you, and that's as it should be. Do what works for you, find your own groove. We are all going through this in our own unique way. As long as we are moving along, helping not just ourselves but Humanity as a whole, we'll be fine :)

One final thing ~ I'd like to publicly acknowledge the mind-boggling things that many of you have shared with me via emails. Incredible, inspiring Souls with Spirits that must have been drastically stepped down several times to be incarnated here on Earth at this time. Beautiful people doing what they feel guided to do in their own unique way in service to Source and Light, to help Humanity ascend. You are all AMAZING!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Namaste, and keep on keeping on!