26 September 2016

Note from Your Soul

Thank you to Elizabeth Trutwin for posting this.

** Text **

Dear Human,

If your life has been turned upside down lately, know that it is because I saw that you weren't on the highest path and existing in your most radiant expression. Parts of you were hidden away. You were dim. There were many more loving miracles that were better in alignment with you and you simply haven't wanted to listen and acknowledge all of these signs I've been placing on you path.

Please know that I only want life to be easy for you and sometimes there's no other way but to demolish all of the illusions in your world so you can rebuild the way it should have been constructed the first time.

My intentions are not to hurt you, only to assist you in reaching higher states of love, to overflow with grace, and to endlessly and effortlessly succeed at what you are truly meant to do here.

I come in resonance with your truth.

I am you.

Please listen this time. You can be all you want to be. You came to shine. Rise.

You are luminous.

Your Soul.