07 September 2016

Notes and Commentary from Mount Shasta SSP 2016 | Rob Potter, Dr. Michael Salla, Corey Goode and Laura Eisenhower ~ Stillness In The Storm ~ 5 Septeber 2016

From one extreme to the other.....I promise you I don't plan the sequence of my posting :)  Now, we have the other side of information that the previous post warned against reading. As always, please be guided by your Inner/Divine Wisdom, just take what works for you and leave the rest because that's what I do for everything I post :)

If you are familiar with Corey Goode's intel, this is like a quick recap of more recent developments. I really like what Laura Eisenhow had to say in this conference, judging by this excellent summary by Justin Dechamps. She also briefly mentions the 13 (+ 2) Chakras.

Please head over to Stillness In The Storm to read Justin's summary.