06 September 2016

Senegal Treatments Alleviate the Morning Chill ~ Gaia Portal ~ 5 August 2016

I sometimes (like now) believe the Gaia Portal team continuously being highly amused by our attempts to decipher their oracles.

From what I can gather through a quick scan of some sites, the Senegal river presented a "....refreshing welcome after the parched territory of the western Sahara" for ships making their way down the coast of Africa in the past (ref. History World).

Senegal houses Medina, an ancient town in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Medina was the bastion of the country's original African character, as opposed to other areas in Senegal (ref. Wikipedia). This could mean a return to our original nature, a reconnecting back to Source energies and our place in the Galactic society, Sovereign and free.

Senegal is also predominantly Sufi. There is a belief that it predates Islam and is practised outside the ambit of religion. Rumi was a Sufi, and you can read more about Sufism here. It represents a return path back to Source, through Truth. The morning prayer could be regarded as a soothing balm. As always, my opinion only!
Source: Gaia Portal

Senegal treatments alleviate the morning chill.
Desperation measures fade.
Straightened pathways present.
Star Families gather.