29 September 2016

September Frequency Peak, Wave X, New Earth and the Shift in Consciousness: The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 9 ~ Laron and Lai ~ 26 September 2016

I enjoyed reading this QHHT account ~ much of it is in alignment with what we've been told by other sources who provide a Cosmic view of what's going on with our Planet and her Humanity, specifically the Ascension Process, albeit from a different angle. I'm also very surprised but glad that they talked about the Trees and their enhanced healing properties.

In this account, Lai identifies the four main sources of transformational energies that are currently beaming into our Solar System ~ a comet, a meteor, Nibiru, our Sun and the Galactic Centre. Alkesh and Amun have identified that a major source of energy is coming in from beyond our Galactic Sun. Judy Satori has said that it's from the Great Galactic Centre, the Sun of the diamond-shaped formation consisting of 22 galaxies, one of which is the Milky Way.

Lai provided a name for the comet, similar to "Lnin". Perhaps it's Elenin? And the 2013 meteor that he mentioned ~ could it have been the Chelyabinsk meteor that was disintegrated by Lightships?

What could be the most important message in this account is that the focus on New Earth has diminished somewhat, and this has adversely impacted its "formation", which is now progressing slowly. We will need to keep up with our intention and visions for our new world so that its manifestation would be greatly accelerated.

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